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Why is Magic limited? Why can’t we say, levitate cats and make them fart sprinkles?

Why no fireballs?

No flying?

Why is Magic Limited?

Is it because we simply believe we can’t? Because we can’t get to the state of true convinced knowing and expectation that those sensational things are truly phenomenal beyond the scope of our reckoning?

Or because there actually is a limit to the power of a reawakening God collective, cells in the great body of the infinite universe, that can realize themselves and their power in flashes of Unity and so, when telekinesis or healing occurs, it’s not you doing the thing – it’s simply the thing. Existing in whatever the observed state is, possibly the powers of cause and effect flowing through you, possibly you as awareness shifting into the reality where one isness is different from the one you perceived before?

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

The rules of magic are there in order to govern Magic, as far as I have seen. 

Rules and Dimensions of Magic

Rules and Dimensions of Magic

There are ways the probability of events can be altered, and ways to experience certain things that are very highly improbable. Having experienced over 144 of these things (Siddhis, miracles, mega-synchronicities occurring in clusters) this incarnation, I can say with certainty that Magic is Real, it is Accessible, it is Scientific, and it absolutely works.

3rd Dimensional Magic: Psychology, autosuggestion, goal setting, affirmations and intention shaping. Science we don’t understand yet.

4th Dimensional Magic: Astral, affecting space and time by shifting our perception above them. Elemental Magic. Psychic phenomena.

5th Dimensional Magic: Causal. Karma, strings. Dominoes falling on top of each other in long cascading arcs. The first stages of knowing, for which many 3rd dimensional tools (incense, herbs, mantras) are quite useful in achieving.

6th Dimensional Magic: Seeing beyond one timeline. Shifting above cause. Choosing one isness, one existence, over another. Choosing where to incarnate at any point in timespace.

7th Dimensional Magic: Divine. Multidimensional awareness of multiple bodies and minds existing throughout not just time-space, but beyond it. Multiple versions of ourselves. Multiple earths, multiple timelines at a perspective we can choose what we experience. The fractalkine nature of life and existence carries the Law of Knowing here (you can’t experience what you believe is impossible… without help). 

8th Dimensional Magic: Seeing reality as a mirror. Seeing all beings in the hall of mirrors that is you. Noticing duality as a separation from the infinite. You dancing with yourself. Working with yourself. Making love to yourself. Loving yourself, hating yourself, seeing the “reality” around you as a reflection of yourself, the knowns and the unknowns. Waking yourself up.

9th Dimensional Magic: Already inaccurate with the use of words. Nonduality, unity. Beyond shape or symbol, beyond object or form. All is. All is perfect, all is one. There is no “other.”

Learning the Magic

Learning the Magic

And so on they repeat, fractalkine – for advanced meditators, lifelong monks studied in MRIs, reported experiences that could fit in any one of these dimensional buckets… and there will always be someone who says “it’s just brain chemistry,” just electrical activity – all on the 3rd dimension, there is nothing more, and so on…

And so for them, it is true, and we know better.

We who haven’t just read book, but have done the practices.

Over and over and over again, confirming not what we fantasized about, but the rules of a system that was made for us, made by us, keep us safe, keeps us… sane.

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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