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Joseph’s (not so) Miraculous Story

Joseph Filch, an ordinary man with deep faith, was walking home one day when he heard the town’s flood sirens go off. The hurricane off the coast was drawing nearer, and just as the sounds hit his ears, the rain started to fall.

After several hours of increased winds and rising water levels that turn the street into a series of rivers, then a growing pond Joseph watched, silently, and prayed to be saved… 

Miraculous Story

First, his porch is soaked, then the entire first floor, so he climbed upstairs and watched through a bedroom window. He prayed again, and Elizabeth Andrews, his neighbor, floats by on a raft. “It’s looking pretty bad, Joseph! Want a ride?”

“No thanks,” he says. “God will save me!”

She paddles on with an exasperated look on her face and mutters something to the two beings who did join her – two shivering white poodles – wrapped in blankets.

The waters keep rising, and he’s forced onto the roof. After more prayers, a helicopter arrives, hovering overhead. He waved them off, confident in his miracle. Shaking their heads, the pilots leave to save another soul.

Eventually, abandoned by the people of the city, deluged by heavy rains and water levels above all nearby buildings, Joseph drowned. At the Gates of Heaven, he shook a strength finger at God. “Why didn’t you send help? I prayed and asked for a miracle! It was the most important one in my life!”

God looked at him, raising an eyebrow. He said, “I sent you a warning, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?”

How to Ask for a Miracle

How to Ask for a Miracle

Joseph’s mistake is that he didn’t ask for something specific, and didn’t recognize a miracle when it happened. Had he asked for the waters to recede… well, that’s something I’ve only heard of Amma achieving.

As for one of my own weather miracles, I’m not yet a world-traveling spiritual teacher, so I went for something smaller. More realistic, more acceptable as possible to my rational mind – which if you remember, is a key and essential ally in any and all Magic.

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