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In everyday awareness, it’s helpful for the identities to remain distinct. Channelers often receive teachings that they themselves wish to learn; this is one of the best – and to be honest, least expensive – ways of learning the Mysteries.

If you’d like to learn more about the traditional background of this topic, consider reading Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, by John Klimo.

Skills of Being a Channel

Skills of Being a Channel

Psychic communication occurs constantly. If you can learn the skills of being a channel – close to those of a – medium, you can communicate with beings who have left their physical bodies. 

If you combine this with the skills of a channel, those beings can speak through you. It would take a very special circumstance for you to channel someone’s deceased family member and then become that individual (ego) for more than the channeling session.

Jim Carrey did this in his movie Man on the Moon, and later said, “What if, instead of becoming Andy, I became Jesus?”

What Does it Mean “To Channel”?

What Does it Mean "To Channel"?

To be a channel is to allow the ego to shift aside. To embody a character fully, one must be egoless. Whether for a short or a long time, the practice of letting go, fully and deeply, can help you become whoever and whatever you want.

This is not about the fabrication of personalities. This is about realizing, multidimensionally, that you are all that is. Even realizing a sliver of yourself – a sliver of a greater Leader, Healer or Lover – is the being you see in front of you…this will shift you powerfully. 

Any being you admire is just a reflection of you, in the Hall of Mirrors that is Consciousness. By tilting your mirror, polishing it, rubbing off (at least for a time) the smudges and smears of one personality, another can shine forth. 

The Ultimate Goal And Truth

Your ultimate truth is Unity.

You know, in your heart of hearts, the difference between being and pretending. Others may or may not see this, and the more attached you are to being seen, the more you will try, as opposed to allow. 
Paradoxically, when you let go of trying, let go of caring, and simply be, your embodiment of whatever sliver of the All you call forth will shine more brightly.

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