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Steps To Build Power

From an expanded sense of consciousness, which began at the end of your meditation, here are the steps to access your Spirit Guide and Build Power:

1) See and feel the grid of pure probability around you. See it surrounding your target (flag, plant, etc). See it surrounding a sphere that encompasses as large an area as you can consistently visualize in all directions. Feel the sphere in front of you, to the left and the right. Feel it behind you. Around 1500 ft in diameter is a good target since it will encompass a horizontal area wider than you can normally perceive of with your physical senses, and force you to use your inner senses to perceive the surrounding space. A clear, strong throat chakra can help with this.

2) Connect with the grid. I see it (third eye) as white and yellow, harmonious, purposeful. If the wind is currently blowing, the grid will be stretched in three dimensions to follow the direction of the wind. Center the grid on your target, and be aware of it in all surrounding directions, including behind you, above and below.

Steps To Build Power

3) Move your body, your arms, your hands, in the direction you wish the grid to shift. It’s always best to use “still” as a neutral point between directions. If the target is blowing left and you want it to blow right, use the “Carry Tiger to Mountain” tai chi movement where your arms are out with palms above your shoulders, facing down, slowly lowering.

Breathe with the movement, which should be slow and purposeful. As you move, visualize the grid shifting.

Letting Yourself Go

Let go. Allow yourself to be moved. Become one with the wind. Continue the movements, repeating your exhalation with the movement you wish to generate. Be patient. Allow several minutes of movement, and extend your awareness into the sphere as it shifts, as you shift. 

Include all that you know of Prana in a deep, intuitive, embodied sense. Achieve the flow state.

The more your fingers tingle, the more power you are directing. 

(If your fingers don’t tingle at all, that’s fine – but this is a *very* helpful indicator, because it’s real-time feedback related to the intentional application of your Will.)

Keep Building Power

Keep Building Power

4) Patiently continue the motion, intention, and visualization of your success. Rest knowing that you will succeed to the height of your ability within 10 repetitions. Do not keep pushing; do not burn yourself out. Flow.

5) Remain detached, and patient. Based on your power, concentration, focus, faith, harmony, and the collective consciousness around you, the shift could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Do *not* change directions, give up, or otherwise release your purpose until you have succeeded or fully decided to end the exercise.

Daily practice will build skills. 

Many layers of skill naturally evolve into mastery.

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