How Do I Know

How Do I Know

How do I know this? Princeton’s PEAR lab has shown that consciousness is linked and measurable. Supernormal dissects mystical powers of Yogis under a microscope. One Mind looks deep into the evidence supporting reincarnation. The Tiller Institute is one of many that...
The Age of Magical Science Has Begun

The Age of Magical Science Has Begun

Q by Jake M: By materialization you mean if I want something and do some magic and then “poof” I have that thing in my hands? A: Yep, Jake. Great question. Like a gymnast learning a triple backflip, we’re talking about an advanced and complex skill...
Saving The World

Saving The World

“Chunk 3 – Saving The World Really, really cool finding – next part of my book – part of the tape recording. Introduction I really, really believe that the future of the world and its people are in peril. At my first TEDx talk, I wanted to convey an idea that...

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