Mystery School for Spiritual Growth


Mystery School for Spiritual Growth

Magical Golden Age

You arrived here for a good reason, at the perfect time.

Spiritual Awakening is your birthright. It is a natural step on the path of enlightenment, and gives you the perspective to see that all mystical abilities are simply actions taken from higher awareness.

Magical Golden Age exists to help you on this path. As you awaken to your true nature, synchronicities will increase, and miracles will occur more naturally, and more frequently.

Realistic expectations and grounded, scientific teaching makes all the difference between genuine manifestation and fantasy. While all of the these words can be discussed in fantasy and superficially in certain books and websites, here, we realize that the most commonly desired types of Magic are possible.

In this site, you can learn:

  1. Divine Embodiment
  2. How to develop Psychic Abilities
  3. How to develop clairvoyance
  4. How to open your third eye
  5. Money spells, abundance Magic, and the Law of Attraction
  6. Love spells
  7. How to remember a past life

You will learn “light” Magic only. For example, how to love yourself more deeply, and give genuine love to others and receive it in return – we do not teach mind control. This is about personal transformation, ethical and sustainable.

A spell is a focused form of intention or prayer designed for personal transformation. The above words are meant to concisely organize information, and you can focus on what you care about most, and skip what doesn’t interest you.

Let’s help humanity awaken, together. Let’s combine our efforts and bring about the next Magical Golden Age.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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To most people, Magic is just an idea. It’s lumped with (lowercase) “magic” – illusion, spectacle, fantasy. It’s kept safe in fairy tales and wishful thinking, in fantasy and mythology. To me, Magic is part of daily life: Something we can access at all times. An art, a science. A way of changing our world in any way we choose.

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With your guide David Solomon


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Real Magic transcends belief. Like the air we breathe and the bodies we live in, Magic IS. It exists, eternal – a force of the universe, if not THE force of the universe.

The Sorcerer Supreme – the Ancient One – in Dr Strange, said:

“You think you know how the world works? You think that this material universe is all there is? What is real? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses? At the root of existence, mind and matter meet. Thoughts shape reality. This universe is only one of an infinite number. Worlds without end. Some benevolent and life giving. Others filled with malice and hunger. Dark places where powers older than time lie ravenous… and waiting. Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?”


And later said “Learning of an infinite multiverse includes learning of infinite dangers.”

What do you want to experience? What don’t you?

Human trafficking is sick. The Holocaust was awful – my grandmother spend 2 years in Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and watched her mother die in front of her. Child poverty is awful. This comes from a human / ego perspective, not a Unity Consciousness one where All is Blessed in the eyes of God.

How to Remember Past Lives, part 2

How to Remember Past Lives, part 2

Exercise: Recover memories from a Past Life If you want to tap into a past life, consider that one specific memory may be all you need. If an average life span is 80 years, even in fast-forward mode it would take an extremely long time to recover that entire life....

How to remember a Past Life

How to remember a Past Life

Before learning how to tune into the you (soul, consciousness) in a past life (temporary mind / body), it's important to know: Why do we not remember our Past Lives? As you ascend in consciousness, you'll remember that you as a soul exist beyond space and time. Wizard...

I Believe in You – I love you

Sometimes we all need a little boost. Watch this video to get a leg up, an inspirational shift to a happier, more inspired day. Thank you for being here. You are so needed on earth at this time. I believe in you. I love you. We are one. -David Solomon

How to Enjoy Life Now

Can we all just enjoy life now?   There's always going to be a "personal growth" thing to do.   There's always going to be "something I can heal."   in this moment, the ONLY moment you can ever fully experience (now), why not Be. Present. Now?   Of all the things to...

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If you want to be more deeply involved, after signing up and connecting with the content, please contact me. I’m actively growing this platform, and am hiring for many positions that aren’t listed. If you have skill and experience achieving something you think could help this mission, send a pitch in a video 5 minutes or less, describing your passion for magic, who you are, your work experience, your suggestion, your plan for achieving it, and your desired compensation. 

There is MUCH more to come.

Welcome to the most exciting time of your life. 

David Solomon