Magic is Real Blog: Selected Writings from David Solomon

How to Remember Past Lives, part 2

Exercise: Recover memories from a Past Life If you want to tap into a past life, consider that one specific memory may be all you need. If an average life span is 80 years, even in fast-forward mode it would take an extremely long time to recover that entire life....

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How to remember a Past Life

Before learning how to tune into the you (soul, consciousness) in a past life (temporary mind / body), it’s important to know: Why do we not remember our Past Lives? As you ascend in consciousness, you’ll remember that you as a soul exist beyond space and...

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Circle of Balance: The 8 Points

This article about Circle of Balance is an exclusive sneak peek to my newest book about Magic. Stay tuned for the updates. There was a very famous guy who hadn’t played golf in 8 years. He went out and played golf and knocked several strokes off his game, something...

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Creative Process: The 3 Steps

What’s my job in the creative process? What’s the job of the universe?Aladdin with his lamp and the genie: The genie says: “your wish is my command.”Think about this metaphor and apply it to everyone. Steps of Creative Process The three-step of creative process is:...

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Affirmations and Visualizations: The Most Powerful Tools

The idea you’ve heard before: Affirmations, visualizations. This is one of the most powerful tools EVER. And yet, if I really did know how you spent your day, you are not using it correctly, if at all. To have optimal success, a major success. If you really understood...

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Achieving your Goals: Creating Ideal Reality

This article about creating ideal reality is an exclusive preview of my newest book on Magic. Follow me on Facebook to receive all the updates. Many of my greatest material successes, the best advice on goal setting and achievement I’ve ever received, are in this...

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Start Your Magical Training

This article about your Magical Training is an exclusive sneak peek to my new magical book. I am doing my best to share it with you ASAP. Let's stay connected so you get all the news about it! Power is faucet through which life flows forth. Many of us mistake power...

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Your Foundational Magical Exercise

This is a Foundational Magical Exercise. What matters here is not the specific intention (directing the wind), but the foundational skills you will build by practicing this. When you succeed, the insanely inspiring reality that you can control the wind will drive your...

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We are God: Shifting Into Unity Consciousness

We are God. As you shift into Unity consciousness and take a break from the separation of “mortality,” you remember, through experience, that You are God. This has been said before. And until you can fully realize that, continuously, for a sliver of a heartbeat at a...

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Magical Physics: How to Master It

This Magical Physics article is an exclusive sneak peek to my newest book about magic. Stay tuned for updates about the publishing date and be one of the first ones to receive a pass to the world of magic. The rest of this chapter will deal with components related to...

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Your Small and Higher Self: Magic & Spiritual Growth

Have you ever realized some types of Magic are incredibly rare? One explanation is that they are really hard - or following the above, that they require a significant amount of power and conviction. Take moving the wind versus resurrecting a bird. In your heart of...

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Focusing on Vibrations

If you want to start achieving your objectives that most people in the physical world rely on through consciousness, start small. Focus deeply and intently on the vibrations.  If you have the energy and the time, you can replicate the effects of virtually any compound...

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