Magic is Real Blog: Selected Writings from David Solomon

How to Remember Past Lives, part 2

Exercise: Recover memories from a Past Life If you want to tap into a past life, consider that one specific memory may be all you need. If an average life span is 80 years, even in fast-forward mode it would take an extremely long time to recover that entire life....

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How to remember a Past Life

Before learning how to tune into the you (soul, consciousness) in a past life (temporary mind / body), it’s important to know: Why do we not remember our Past Lives? As you ascend in consciousness, you’ll remember that you as a soul exist beyond space and...

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How to Heal Chronic Pain

This is something I just wrote about how to heal chronic pain: first for a Facebook post, now as a blog post and, then, because of the deep and powerful substance, as a future book chapter. If you read it, I hope it brings you value. Much love, -David 💛💙💜💚🧡❤️ How to...

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Binding Your Own Demons

Ascended masters have dominance. So much that they are revered for it. Yet when others seek their path, when others seek to bind demons... YOU ARE FOOLS! YOUR ENTIRE CULTURE WORSHIPS US! Your commercials show people eating chips and drinking beer. Your sluts walk...

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Understanding Your Energy

Fuel provides the means of propulsion to direct motion. Energy moves energy, condensed in the matter. While energy cannot be created or destroyed (hah!), it can be converted, and unless you have mastered the art of truly staying connected to source, understanding your...

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Channeling Demons: Openness to Infinite

Demons live, and yet they do not live. Their souls exist in infinite taxonomies of dominance. They have forgotten - this is agonizing for me to say, but I must say it (for I have been chosen to reprogram the morphogenic field of demons in this) - they have...

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Your Magical Empowerment

This text is an exclusive sneak peek to David's new magical book which you will all be able to read very soon. Please enjoy this excerpt about magical empowerment now and be strong. I love you, and I give you permission to love yourself, your magical empowerment. I...

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Creating Your Own Karma

Karma, the law of cause and effect, can be seen and felt as threads of energy through the human toroidal energy field. The lines and waves of energy you put forth from your core, the substrate of creation - this is what you send and receive. Be it generosity or...

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Openness to the Infinite: How to Feel It?

This is an exclusive sneak peek to David's new magic book. Stay tuned to get more updates about the new book and more knowledge about the openness to the infinite. The hand that is dealt represents determinism; how its played is free will.Nehru I haven’t been here on...

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Channeling Exercise #1

Try this channeling exercise now. Pick someone who you think highly of, feel you know about well, can hear their voice inside your head. If nobody comes to mind, consider: JesusOprahIron ManDr Martin Luther KingBruce LeeMother TeresaA school bus driverA burger chefA...

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The Steps of Creative Process

Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. What you focus on with thought and your feeling bring into your life what you want. Whatever thought has done to your life it can be undone by a shift of your awareness. You create your own universe as you go along....

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The Great Material Success: Reaching Your Goal

My greatest material success, the best advice on goal setting and achievement I’ve ever received, are in this post. Sifu Brown's Lessons Sifu Brown, an accomplished martial arts instructor who studied at Shaolin and teaches Zen meditation, studied personal and...

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