If you’re wondering where to apply Magic is Real and work in a system that other people have validated, then it’s much more likely to be successful and you’re much more likely to grow in power and complexity. So you want to learn how to heal wounds, possibly affect the Raider healing pace of cancers, strengthen people physically, strengthen you emotionally. You could take Tibetan Buddhism, you could take Reiki, you could take acupuncture. All of those are very big systems and there’s a lot of people who have said and written a lot.

Now these systems have gotten deluded and there are less credible people who say they know what they’re talking about and they may not, but the good thing is that if you’re a scientist and a researcher, you can find out the truth for you.

Finding Consensus Truth

Finding Consensus Truth

So the most concise one takeaway and say as if you feel like you’re a seeker and you want a true technique to be broad – be general. Just like if you want to know the truth of what has happened and it’s a political issue, it serves you best to read a liberal perspective, a conservative perspective and an independent perspective. Read the multiple perspectives to get to the objective truth, consensus truth to get the most data that you can. That’s the first thing and I can go on but, that’s great. That’s a big one and that’s a good analogy.

The Magical Questions

Over the years 28 years I’ve studied magic in different forms. I’m biologically thirty-three, since I was five just been focusing on it and looking where does it overlap with Kabbalah. For example, where does Hermeticism overlap with Christian Science or Christian mysticism. What stuff is mythological and metaphorical that we can draw from and interpret, which is kind of scary stuff or politically/culturally added-on and isn’t actually real. How do we test this in our own bodies and how does all this stuff linked? How is karma useful as a concept? How does seeing karma something that doesn’t need to exist a useful concept? What is belief? What is expectation was faith? What is love?

And exploring all this and looking at all the other definitions and then synthesizing that is something I’ve really tried to do. It’s David’s element when I channel and how your source or self or aliens or set of masters or divine beings come through me with whatever percent my ego filter can come through. I know there’s a lot to unpack there but just roll with me. Then there’s much more definiteness. Like I call it an ego filter that seems like a really good way to put it.



It’s so huge! If you look into channeling and spirit science has a cool video on it. There’s a consciousness, consciousness not in the body say you know demigod ‘person’ realizes himself/herself/their self as an expanded soul that’s had 400 lifetimes and you’re aware of all those simultaneously. You have demigod awareness just to use that very sparse definition for now just to make it up make it very simple. When I write re-type and I say hey I’m channeling demigod. How do we know it’s true? It might work for me and the information might be useful. The cool thing about channeling is people have channeled like specific stars.

And that’s been validated other people do it or remote viewing. You’ll have multiple people remote view the contents of an envelope double-blind stuff and they’ll get it right. We’re like a nuclear silo somewhere across the world that hasn’t been released and those people had a well.

I love viewing other habitable planets, orbiting stars. That’s fun I’ve done that. So getting into the practical the useful with the karmic and with this thing and the simultaneous lives and channeling. When you channel it’s you know if you vow are that if you are one with the universe in in theory but until I can levitate that television.

I’m not that television as much as I’m this arm because I don’t believe it or else it’d be levitating right now just as if I don’t believe I’m one with gravity even though conceptually ninth dimensionally that’s true. Just to answer the paradoxes that don’t really seem to make sense an everyday speech which is one thing I’ve really worked on is deconstructing paradoxes.

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