So many times people are used to “mission statements” and “purpose statements” for companies. I’m convinced you should have one for your life. You are your own little entity. I agree that you are working on oneness. But until you are working on that, you are IT. You’re responsible for all the things that you do in your life and all the goals you achieve. How you live, what you do with your time and energy and everything else.

One of the things you need is a primary aim; a very clean sentence that describes what you want to do with your life.

Sifu’s Primary Aim:

To use the path of martial arts as a vehicle to help people strengthen their body, mind and spirit for the battle within.

With everything I want to do, I can ask “does this synch with the direction of where I want to go?” You need to work on something and memorize it. A compass is only good if you look at it.

Homework For You

Write your eulogy. Write at least 3; work in 5-year blocks, and make it a paragraph to a page. What would people have said at your funeral about your life? Work on it from your heart, not your head. And be honest! This will help you show what your primary aim is.

Write 3 Eulogies:

  1. Write a eulogy of what your life would have been 5 years ago if you would have died.
  2. Say you die now. Write a eulogy about what people would say about your life, how you spent your time. Compare them; this will tell you how you’ve spent the last five years.
  3. Write a eulogy based on you dying in 40+ years. If you could do everything you wanted to do in your life, how would that sound? What would that eulogy be like?
Homework For You

Don’t be overwhelmed with all this. You have to be empowered by this kind of work. This is very powerful, introspective stuff. Whether you do the work or not, the time will pass. There will be such subtle changes and shifts in your consciousness and your thought patterns that you will have to make progress just by doing this work.

I believe that an average person in our society nowadays does not think about his or her life, in what direction it’s going, even to the degree he thinks about this vacation. Then people have the audacity to complain about what they don’t have? YOU ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BITCH IF YOU’VE DONE THE WORK AND YOU’RE NOT WHERE YOU PLANNED TO BE.

Magic Triangle to Achieve Your Goals

Almost 100% of the people who sit down and write down their goals actually achieved everything. However, less than 3% of the population even takes the time to do the work. If you do the work, you’re going to achieve the results.

Magic Triangle to Achieve Your Goals

Triangle of 3 things we all need to achieve anything:

  1. Attitude. If you have an attitude where you cannot succeed you will absolutely live up to that. Attitude is everything they say and you’ve all heard it. The real question is not have you heard it, but do you practice it? To you get out of bed with an attitude of gratitude, an attitude of “this is it, I’m going to do it!” You need an attitude check pretty regularly.
  2. Techniques. There are specific techniques for practically everything. One of the techniques of success is to DO THE WORK!!!! Being martial artists, you should know the most about techniques. There’s a technique to meditation and to having a happy life, to get what you want, to literally being who you want to be.
  3. Behavior. There are people with a great attitude who are incredibly optimistic and know all the techniques, but they don’t live them. Their behavior is not in line with their techniques and their attitude. You have to DO IT. You can’t just KNOW about the technique.

All three of these work completely together.


S – Specific. Every goal you set has to be specific.

M – Measurable. You have to be able to say, “this is how I’m doing now, I want to be able to do ___.” If you can measure it and you do, you’ll make progress. Subjective things we can still give a number to.

A – Accountable. If you won’t tell somebody, you’re not going to do it. People really don’t support goal setting unless you’re a goal setter. Then, you do.

R – Realistic. I hate this term. However, I’m going to include it because you have to make sure that something is achievable. If you’re 400 pounds and you want to be a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, forget it. Dream, but just make sure that the dream is not one produced by like, drugs.

T – Timely. You have to set a specific time limit. You can work in whatever blocks of time you want. If there’s no time limit on it, you will not get to it. Most people are procrastinators. You do not get to the thing you want to get to. Put a time limit on your goals.

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