The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.

Doctor Who

Guided Astral Journey

A glittering universe of flying kittens massively enlarged. Inside each kitten is a 3-bedroom luxury hotel suite.

And textures of fur, and the warmth of the purring, and all the little fairy creatures make it a perfect, heavenly bungalow.

And suddenly fourteen gnomes run in from all sides, bearing chocolates and fruits and flavors of water and tea and orange marmalade and mint cinnamon and paleo biscuits and all the perfect things you loved to eat

While a parade of peacocks play prancingly, foot by foot, beak by beak, in front of you, in a synchronized dance

Leaping over each other in great peacock arcs.

The lights go out.

The LEDs go on.

The Peacock Moonlights Poke their Faces through their tails, ready to give you the show of a lifetime.

Frannie Kowalski (her mother was Jewish) fly-hops over to you, offers you her sparkling and jeweled – and currently illuminated – soft head.

“Come with me,” she offers, leaning back and extending a wing.

Guided Astral Journey

Adventure Story Fork

Do you take it? (red pill, keep reading. This is a guided astral journey, BTW. Have your computer play it by audio, or wait for my narration to be uploaded soon appear in comments below)

Or do you leave it? (Blue pill, end scene).

I am the consciousness in your body. And I am already taking the red pill, you see. I’ve taken it. You’re me.

As soon as you know this, you are you. You can perceive me, see me, or invite me back in (spontaneous red pill… going…. going… welcome back! or automatic blue pill – you know who you are. Red pill again… blue). You know who you are and why you’re here. You are you, and I am me.

You stand up, holding the peacock’s wing. A Jewish Mother, you remember. She looks at you, head bowed slightly, pink bangs overflowing on her 1980’s purple shades with diamond-encrusted rims.

Actual diamonds? You wonder. And you look closer at one.

It shines, so brightly, so clearly. In every single facet, you see an image of yourself. Exactly as you are or as you wish to be, for this is an Astral Journey. The reflections turn when you turn, lift an arm when you lift an arm.

A fireball comes out of the right hand that you thought was yours, and a reflection of you, so also must be yours…but what? A hall of mirrors!?

You turn around and no longer see the party-kitten. You are in a hall of mirrors.

This is Damanhur. Welcome. Your Baby Jesus present has arrived.

You turn, turn, turning.

It burns, burns, burning.

The sun above you.

You glance up and see it. Burning orangey-yellow. In every mirror around you, it is reflected, with you.

You reach up. Touch the liquid sun, and with your finger, trace it around and around, in lines and in curves, building your own sacred geometry and making love to the air with your hand of fire.

Are you doing Magic? Or is this a dream? Aren’t we all dreamers, dreaming collectively?

Material reality.

The illusion of the fish.

The mirrors shatter.

You are you.

Sitting or standing, as you were.

On your digital device.

And for a second, sometime soon, you’ll see a flicker of that special light.

And when you do.

Come back to me.

And we will take this.

To the next stage.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, saviors, messiahs, maitreyas, tulpas, wanderers, humans, beings, teachers, students, followers, gurus, divine beings and nonbeings, merged collectives like the cells within our guts, fractals of something greater still…

Happy birthday, you who is reading this, the all-that-is and the cell inside the body of God, once part of another cell, both part of a collective, part of an organ, part of a system, part of a person, part of a collective…

Part of a species. Part of a planet. Part of a solar system. Part of a galactic group. Part of a universe. Part of God.

A grain of sand.

The word Command.

You are.

All that is. 

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