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Very little is out of your control.

Say you have bad knees because of osteoarthritis. A guy with paralysis in his legs who the doctors said is never going to walk again decided he was going to walk again. He did. If you say, “God I have such bad knees they suck!” Then there you go.

Practice what you want to perform.

Think about the way you want to be.

Think “My knees are very good it’s great to have such good knees, the physical therapy for them is doing so much better than not.

Positive Affirmations And Attitude

If you focus on that kind of information, there’s going to be a whole different body to go with the attitude.

You have to pick how you want to spend your time and what you want to spend your life doing. You cannot have everything you want. You can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything you want.

An affirmation tape for every day of the week is overkill. This is more than a wish list; it’s an overview of the whole thing.

Learning To Get Out

Learning To Get Out

Not everything is a lesson. If you’re in the presence of a really irritating person you don’t feel you can learn from, leave. He’s not an opportunity for a lesson; he’s an irritant. You can try but if you don’t succeed, get out.

“I would like to strengthen my will, and I would like to create the environment that I want to be in.”

“Let’s start to take control of our thoughts so we can take control over our futures.”

The people you are around, the people you spend time with, these are the people you’re going to be like. That energy.

Prepare For The Change

All of this is real hard to do. But there’s nothing that will change your life more dramatically than a description of how your life is because you designed it.

Please do not explain this idea to someone who hasn’t heard it already that doesn’t understand the power of thought for affirmations and visualizations. They will just laugh at you and take the energy right away from you. If someone understands the power of the mind, affirmations and visualizations, they will support you.

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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