Practical Magical Training: Enhanced Perceptions, Channeling, Psychic Skills, Manifestation, Divine Embodiment, Astral Travel / Remote Viewing, Internal QiGong, Meditation, Tantra, Past Lives.


Practical Magical Training: Enhanced Perceptions, Channeling, Psychic Skills, Manifestation, Divine Embodiment, Astral Travel / Remote Viewing, Internal QiGong, Meditation, Tantra, Past Lives.

Workshop 1: Manifesting Money 

Abundance is frequency: We all have money fields like the body’s aura. Like your physical health, your financial health can always be strengthened.

Find out if you are attracting or repelling money, and how to direct the flow for yourself and your loved ones.

We also practice goal setting and heal past wounds around scarcity, traumas, and self worth. This is an interdimensional workshop, following our 9D System of Magic.

Goals reached by our previous students:

  • $80,000 contract approval: 90 minute ritual.
  • $200,000 job offer from a virtual stranger: 30 minute ritual in theta state.
  • Compensation package 4x higher than originally requested: 5 minute intense advanced Lakshmi embodiment practice.
  • $18,000 to pay for grad school: First time ritual by Vere N.
  • Consistent stream of new coaching clients at $150 / session: 20 minutes daily practice by Dave K.

You’ll learn how to feel the energy of money and manifest more via:

  • Basic: Mantra Science for Consistent Results.
  • Intermediate: Ritual for powerful manifestations.
  • Advanced: Divine Embodiment of Wealth deities.

Money is a subtle frequency we can tap into. We all have money fields, money trauma, and strength to attract and hold money.

Workshop 2: Magic is Real Mystery School

We live in a magical world, abundant with energies and beings visible to the trained eye. Choose any of the topics below as standalone or combination talks (or workshops if over 15 minutes).

1. Magical Evidence: David’s stories of real magic (healing, weather manipulation, psychic phenomena, channeling, visions).

Organizer: This can be an incredibly inspirational, “Spiritual Tony Robbins” type of talk. Longer time slots will have facilitated story sharing of magical experiences from participants.

2. Synchronicity on command: how to flow and manifest with Intent.
3. Subtle Energy Basics: energetic anatomy, and how to sense and manipulate energy.
4. Subtle Energy Intermediate: energy healing, psychic healing, drawing strength from source energy, crystals.
5. Ritual: how to design and execute an effective and powerful spell.
6. Enlightenment: mythbusting, strategies, and the path to clean magic,
7. Astral Travel.

Organizer: Astral Travel to anywhere, or a specific destination like Atlantis Reborn (see #5 in Rebuilding Atlantis topics).

Workshop 3: The Third Eye, Eye of Horus, the Pineal Gland

Learn all about what it is, how to heal, strengthen and open it – and generate your own DMT.

Travel through the astral and dream realms. Connect with, see, feel and hear spirits, angels, divinities, past lives and other souls.

See, feel, and hear energy. Sense another’s emotions. Optimize your diet and lifestyle for optimal psychic and magical health.


Receive energy work in a guided group field to help expand your consciousness and participate on a deeply journey of epic, colorful, joyful and intense proportions.

Here’s a Free Astral Journey from our Third Eye Opening workshop, including a guided experience to meet your spirit guides.

This workshop was first given digitally, with much research and many images, and is visible via:

Upcoming Workshops

  • Manifest more financial abundance.
  • Participate in a group ritual to direct astral energies and clear karma.
  • Learn goal achievement mastery strategies.

Offered by the Solomon School of Sorcery to serve the Divine in You.

Magic – as the quantified, open source, extremely powerful art of shifting reality through consciousness – is real, effective, and fun.

Money is an energy of exchange. It’s a medium for transmutation, meaningless until we ascribe meaning onto it. As with all things, this meaning can be changed.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to heal financial traumas and limiting beliefs. You’ll learn 15-minute techniques, and how to conduct powerful abundance rituals.

Offered digitally 3 times for your convenience:

Sunday, May 13, 3-5pm PST

Sunday, June 17, 3-5pm PST

Saturday, July 14, 3-5pm PST

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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