“Chunk 3 – Saving The World

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I really, really believe that the future of the world and its people are in peril. At my first TEDx talk, I wanted to convey an idea that would make the most impact in a society that I could conceive of. So I talked about AIs replacing doctors using my own experiences with overcoming health issues and the abilities of IBM Watson (sp?) to show how more and more it would make sense to have an AI doing most of the work for medical. Several years later I realized that there was a more systemic problem in the world. Beyond health, we have a lot of major problems to solve. We have debt. We have climate change. We have health epidemics like obesity and depression, and we also have a world that is changing at faster, more exponential rates than ever before. This can disrupt jobs. This can disrupt individual skills. This can disrupt people’s skill sets and abilities to (…..)

Simultaneously, this can lead to significant unemployment because AI and robotics can do (….)

We’ve already seen this type of technological employment in the airline industry (with Expedia and travel agencies) and we’re seeing it now with cars as driverless cars expand and many people (….)

Now after giving my second TED talk on how education should be optimized by replacing most teachers with AI (NOTE: if you want to learn something you learn it from one of the talkbacks, get their videos online and have some type of deep empathic person teach you and train you as your apprentice in all skills of human life) So, I gave a talk on that.

Yet as I build that education company and traveled around the world, meeting fellow entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, attending Richard Bransons’ island, meeting with RB and talking with investors on his island, I realized that in my heart of hearts that while I could build a successful company, while the world did need a solution for education – there’s something greater still. Technological unemployment is a big risk and it likely will be for a (….)

Yet there could literally be 2-3 generations of mass unemployment combined with massive riots, suffering from climate change, homelessness, poverty, suffering and a lot more before we fully realize (….)

I deem it unlikely that there will be a quick and equal transition from no AI on jobs to AI on jobs simply because computers learn faster than humans do and inventing a new field is tough – it takes time and training takes time. So we’re going to have a period of chaos and shit, in the future. If there’s a few massive binges of prosperity, if benevolent extraterrestrials start interacting with us and help us change our world for the better, or if any number of miraculous other things happen – this may not occur, but based on (….) I think it will.

So I didn’t give up hope, because you can never give up hope. I paid attention to this (….) I realized was true. What I realized was true – was we as a people, as a species, as a civilization – we are more than what most of us think we are. There are other forces in the world that are extremely powerful, extremely potent and surprisingly (….) There’s a big desire for these skills and abilities – and desire is often grouped into fantasy and science fiction and parapsychology – and that desire is often shuffled off into a (….) society, that is often occupied by cooks and weirdos and freaky new age-y peoples and any number of collective adjectives.

Unfortunately, because there is no unified, western understanding for these things, there are a lot of unqualified, flakey people who give the rest of us legitimate folk a bad name. Yes, there are flakes. Yes, people talk about theories about spirituality and energy healing that are downright inaccurate (….) But I do believe that it is possible to save the world. I do believe that the way to save the world is more fun, and easier and cheaper than we could have imagined (….) that I respect (….) Bill and Melinda Gates (….) Google.org (….) singular university (….) example (….)

There’s even venture capital firms that really care about helping save the world, or helping improve the lives of a lot people. That’s what most venture capitalists want to do. Yeah, they need to make money. Yes making money enables them to run their organization – but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in Silicon Valley, it’s that most investors care about what they’re doing. If they care because they have the luxury to, and if they didn’t care they’d likely be in New York. They’d likely be investment bankers in New York. They’d likely be stereotypical investment bankers in New York. No, sorry, wonderful nice awesome human bankers, you’re fun to pick on sometimes. Your kin is fun to pick on sometimes. So when I think about where the world could go, and what could save it, I think about spirituality. I think about what is the most advanced thing possible in this field, or conceivable. Well, with health, there’s Project Calico, there’s Abu Gray (sp?) and the Human Longevity Foundation – but guess what? Spiritually, there’s stories of immortality, instant resurrection (sp?), instant healing, and (….) healing. There’s a lot of people who are healers in the world. I’ve seen them. I am one. I’ve seen them. I have very strong memories of them working. Now: I’ve seen them, I have evidence of them working, and I am one and I have evidence of mine working. I believe – no, in fact I know – that this is part of our reality. Given that, imagine what happens when you start disassociating from ego. When you start having richer, fuller, more fun burning (….) experiences and really letting go and loving and playing and traveling and living.

A lot of us want to be freed from our jobs (or at least the boring parts of them) and whether we like it or not the likelihood, the chance of that happening increases steadily over time into the future. So, why not prepare for it? Why not learn something that’s good for healing that has a moon shot (sp?) that we can control? And why not popularize and deeply understand these abilities, these (….) I’m not saying quit your job and become a Monk – although that’s kind of what I did. Although, I’d like to replace the word Monk with the word Sorcerer. Sorcerer means to work with a source. Windeyer (sp?) says Sorcerer means to work with a source. Now, I respect Windeyer for many things, yet I believe his explanation was slightly lacking. Working with source energy is a great Indian principle – but you need to get more than the idea, you need to get the physical practice. You need to know and understand what it’s like to feel the energy field around your body, to affect others, to use it to heal, to use it to know a sense of what’s going to happen in the future, to understand this thing we call intuition, dare what some even call pre-cognition or foresight. There’s a lot of ways of explaining it, and a lot of correlates (sp?) that happen as well. There is a continuum from ‘I heard a siren’ (the sign of a fire truck was coming) to ‘I felt a disturbance in the forest’ (that means there’s a fire truck coming from 8 blocks away) to you actually heard it in a very slight level and you didn’t know you heard it at a conscious level, therefore your body made this “magic-y” thing – so you thought you could do magic. Honestly, at some point, you’ll realize that if you try to do that, if you try to explain things like that, you’re just going to be fooling yourself. You’re going to be realizing that you’re determined to keep a wool hat over your head and not acknowledge that we live in a supernatural world. Now often finding out what something is, is a lot more than a popular depiction of it. Supernatural doesn’t mean ghosts and goblins, and ghouls and elves, and Slimers and fairy godmothers, and Santa Claus. Unless that’s the kind of world that you want to live in, then wait for this book’s sequel.

But the world we do live in, is a world where we have access. Access to an almost infinite amount of energy, to do almost infinite amount of abilities. Do we believe it’s possible to shoot fireballs out of your hand? Well, I think that with enough training it may. Although, what I’ve seen is slightly less powerful than that – but definitely making things catch fire. Which methodologies can we search, can we study? Which fields can we tap into, to figure out how to gain these skills more efficiently, more effectively, as more people talk and collaborate? What will happen to them? What will they do? This book is an illustration of a world where things are solved. This book is an illustration of a utopia. This book is also a tomb of instructions, written in parable form, described in straightforward words, and shared by personal experience. No infinite amount of written information can equal personal, physical experience, and while I’m happy to train you in-person or a group, I sincerely suggest you begin training somebody – even just to know. I believe that as significant as learning to code is in the early 21st century, then you will work with energy in the field and move around in an enlightened stage is going to be critical for the mid to late 21st century. Whether humanity survives to the 22nd may hang in the balance.”

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