How do I know this?

Princeton’s PEAR lab has shown that consciousness is linked and measurable. Supernormal dissects mystical powers of Yogis under a microscope.

One Mind looks deep into the evidence supporting reincarnation.

The Tiller Institute is one of many that examines and proves the Biofield – subtle energy, auras, chakras – you name it.

The Heartmath Institute’s research library reveals the connection between our brain and heart, and ourselves and the Earth. goes into overwhelming detail on the existence of extraterrestrial life, the real age and origins of life on earth, and the truth of magical and spiritual abilities.

Damanhur is a real-life magical city in Italy.

The list goes on, and will be compiled in a massive, ever-growing Magical Wikipedia soon to be on this site.

Like you, I’m a student. I don’t claim to be a master, but I have developed an expertise diving into the World of Magic for over 20 years. I’ve summoned shooting stars.

I’ve healed people from the brink of death.

I’ve made it stop raining, and start again.

And, while in the moment of Magic, there was no “I” – just intention and oneness with the universe – I’ll use “I” for simple language. After all, this is an introduction, not yet advanced instruction.

Classes, workshops, and public speaking events are all to be added soon. Videos will be added regularly, and the quality of everything will continuously increase. Atlantis wasn’t built in a day, and this site will take time, too.

So thank you – and congratulations – for being one of my first visitors. I invite you to join me in dialogue, and study…and perhaps practice.

I invite you to sign up for my first (in this life) School of Real Magic. Subjects include:

  1. Reality Creation: Create and control your personal, custom experience.
  2. Psychic school: Building intuition, clairvoyance, and divination.
  3. Potions: Optimizing your life experience through biochemistry and herbs.
  4. Channeling: Obtaining knowledge you weren’t consciously exposed to by interacting with peaceful, well-meaning consciousnesses not currently limited to bodies (Angels, loving spirits, ascended masters, extraterrestrials)
  5. Rationality and the Scientific Method: How to talk with your skeptical friends and family members, and how to avoid patterns of thought and speech which don’t speak the truth (usually due to excitement, wishful thinking, or in some cases, mental illness, drugs and delusions)
  6. Enlightenment: What is it? How can you move towards it? How will you change?
  7. Personal growth: How is your life? Your health? Your goals? What are your daily practices? How can these be optimized in ways that stick, for you?
  8. Meditation: Of infinite styles, which is best for you? Instruction and support.
  9. Prayer: Divine beings exist. Learn how to communicate with them, receive help from them, and eventually, become one.
    (important note)
  10. Q&A: Most of all, the curriculum is customized to all live students. If there is something specific you want to know, I want to help you find out the answers!

Thank you, fellow traveler. If you want to begin your education immediately, please sign up for an upcoming workshop and sign up for my Digital Magic School, where you can receive emails between 1-7 times a week with updated texts, videos, book recommendations, projects and more.

If you want to be more deeply involved, after signing up and connecting with the content, please contact me. I’m actively growing this platform, and am hiring for many positions that aren’t listed. If you have skill and experience achieving something you think could help this mission, send a pitch in a video 5 minutes or less, describing your passion for magic, who you are, your work experience, your suggestion, your plan for achieving it, and your desired compensation.

There is MUCH more to come.

Welcome to the most exciting time of your life.

– David Solomon

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This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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