It’s a lot to wrap people’s minds around that have been just chilling in the 3D plane and you’re trying to figure it out. Initially, you were mentioning past lives, present life some future lives because we still need to get into the magic rail and everything. About reincarnation and how does astral projection relate to my ability to go into a past life.

Studies on Reincarnation

It has been studied deeply. So the two resources names books, I’d like to offer Larry Dossey is a book called “One Mind” and Gary Schwartz this book called “The Afterlife Experiments”. Gary Schwartz University of Arizona for a while, Larry Dossey goes all over the place both of these guys looked at a lot of stuff if you just google evidence for reincarnation and don’t look at something heavily biased…

There’s a lot of bias stuff you have tons of examples and little kids remembering specific details, where they were born, where they died, if they were murdered who killed them, what the murder weapon that was. This stuff was dug up, so I really want to tie this back into how it’s practical and valuable and like the earthquake. Whether it’s real or false depending on what anybody believes the value isn’t very, very high for most people.



That is high is this past life astral projection thing because we’re talking about what are. You as a human being and what affects the quality of your life and if you talk about enlightenment, as having more of a light body feeling more light. Whether you call that lighthearted, whether you call it astral you have all this energy, all this power, all this bliss, all this Nirvana, where you just say you’re at peace, you’re at happiness, you’re detached from the issues of the world. You might have preferences but you’re not attached to these preferences and you are one hundred percent in control of your emotions if you choose to experience them.

Another very small sliver of a secular definition of enlightenment. So the value of this stuff is to expand your awareness and realize that you are awareness you’re a soul. If you get full awareness of a past life you realize you’re not… Your name, you’re not your job, you’re not your net worth or your net debt, you’re not anything related to this life or this incarnation or that one and you might have some trauma, some habit, some preference, some aversion related to a past life how you lived, how you died, how you succeeded how you failed and if you do that a few times especially non-human bodies which is interesting then you start to feel this expansion.

You start to realize your eternal, your immortal not saying that if you as ‘person’ gets shot in the head, ‘person’ will stop walking and tackling likely, he will stop walking and talking but the you behind it inside of that that knows he is much… Much greater than that gender-less, formless it’s a type of liberation in a freedom which so far for most of my life there’s very.. Very little that can compare to that.

Shifting Your Awareness

So the value of shifting your awareness astrally not even talking about other dimensions which all exist in simultaneously overlapping to that past life where you view it you Remote View or you are an astral projector where it is into that other space-time where you as Betsy Craig. For example, in your butter churn with blue turquoise shoes and married to married to an interesting man. I could just go into those little bits that are coming through the value the practical everyday value 3D it’s psychological.

How your quality of lifeless suffering if you if you’re really scared of cats and you realized in a past life a cat that had rabies bit, you know, murder your children something really awful and then killed yourself something really terrible but you made peace with that because you know there’s billions of people in the world everything that can’t happen has happened and will happen. You come to peace at that and now you’re no longer afraid of cats or heights or the color red or of loud noises and so 3D it’s a psychology technique.

Tapping Into a Past Life

Tapping Into a Past Life

Interestingly, you are very, very physically strong and this life you’re less strong and you can tap into a past life. Simultaneous such parallel life if you look at time like this. Channel yourself bring back that part of you that remembered strength. If you were to start this let you see these contortionists and people who are acrobats have an incredible strength they don’t have bulging muscles their arms aren’t like huge and defined.

They’re like sticks but they can do these things that what people can’t do if you go to yoga you take football players in yoga they may not have the structure and endurance and they can’t hold poses for long periods of time that grandmothers can hold. So the other value is higher strength so now if we go into what it what else is the astral causal and other value before we go on to your next topic is what are the abilities and qualities did you have that you can remember. Okay you have the liberation, you have the inner peace which some people search their whole lives for with a lot of substances for better or for worse based on how you define those words and to use one example as a channel.

They have some thoughts over there, the substances… that we can go into psychedelics sometimes. Every time I do psychedelics the visual is always the same but the message is all Ron’s back again. Ron, why do you keep coming back here what more do you want that we already have given you. That’s all, I just wanted to share that. It’s interesting. I mean biologically with a little bit of 4D astral energetic and some cheese stuff from China, a lot of it.

Using Your Energy

The tips of energy and in your body you have Chi which is their physical energy and you have Shen, which is your spiritual energy and there’s many other types of energy and a lot of psychedelics too a few things. They convert Chi to shine so they burn up your vitality, which you can replenish with food and sleep and stuff, boost it into your spirit, they can expand your aura, they can open your chakras and they can sometimes release or metabolize it to DMT which your pineal gland if it’s healthy which takes work to get there often can release on its own. See can see things it’s called the third eye because it can perceive light astral light and other light and so you can see into other realities. The problem with drugs because you can get to those enhanced perceptions without them and I have a whole model for this. I teach this all the time is it makes it really hard to tell the difference between accurate perception and delusion.

It gives you access, a boost your spirit and I’d like to use a mathematical model for our psychedelics useful and I can’t legally recommend them but I’ve had over three hundred experiences with small doses and large doses and I really very rarely use that I almost never do now because I like having the clean perception of me there naturally. So your baseline perception is twenty.

You can maybe, maybe, maybe feel Chi if you work at it and if you take LSD psilocybin, ayahuasca, iboga something healthy in a mature responsible context with people who have been doing this for decades who know what they’re doing have your best interest at heart or ethical like all the appropriate safeguards you know your biochemistry, you know your heart is okay, you know it’s a safe space you know all the intelligence stuff, you haven’t done it in at least a month your system, your gut is kind of pure so you’re not going to have a negative experience. That dosing is appropriate for your biology most people miss that big time.

Source of Trust

Source of Trust

The source is trust at all of it. You go from baseline of twenty to say forty and you’re tripping and you see stuff or you go to a sixty and you’re really tripping and you… You know it’s not safe to like drive much less walk in public or you go to like 80 and you’re totally wigged out and you’re speaking other languages or you’re very clearly on drugs or in an altered state or one hundred and you feel your unity. You feel like you’re god, you’re the Messiah, you’re all that is. Now if your Shen is expanded widely enough and there’s enough energy in your system. Perception ally that might be true. But then you crash back down to twenty where you were. Any of all the side effects or the recovery. It’s like the astronauts that go to the moon and then back and they’re like what has their life to do?

So how I use stuff when I use it, I still do up from twenty. I don’t take a big dose. I only micro dose in most cases and other cases that really prepare. So I’ll be at if my baseline is just like a forty, because I’ve been doing this for a long time. We need to read a unpacked a bunch of other things. I want to be very calm, let me just wrap it up, the minute, because we were on it and I want to answer a lot of people’s stuff. One quick.

With psychedelics, it is about our ability to access those going from twenty to thirty to forty, even without the need of that but it’s good to have our mind expanded to those levels as well. We need to come back at least briefly to reincarnation because we were talking about the accessing past lives and how cool that is to be able to do something like that. When one gets a pretty good understanding of history and they start parsing it better and better.

They can almost see those time periods, they can feel those time periods, they can they can really be there exploring what those time periods were like for civilization. Now, that Is, my nervous system taking because it’s consciousness localized in the nervous system? Is it been consciousness moves from nervous system to nervous system? Once it dies how many seconds does it take to get reborn?


All that interesting stuff, like they just can’t get there for us quick. So I’d say consciousness is generally the software that can always be upgraded and expanded. Your brain is the hardware. We always get new hardware, we get new phones every year. How does the software move from body to body? Internet, the field, the collected universe source. Interesting, so then, the hardware dies but the software goes through the fabric of…

More accurately, the hardware transmutes. Since the software which actually matters… Like, if you know, have a really important video that you shot. That video does kind of physically exist as data stored on devices and you can you know beam it through the internet and email it to somebody and then they have that video. All the hardware can go away and that video could still exist as you know something beamed from one satellite to one station or something between fiber optic cables and the video could be restored with new hardware existing.

So while physical bodies can transmute into other types of matter and not to be funny with language, but they don’t matter to too much. Okay in terms of who you are as a soul like you cut your arm off you’re still you even though you’re a bit different. Your body dies, you as awareness or still you as you expand awareness. Your body, your voice, you were named, your identity matter less and less and less because you realized you are so much greater.

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