Accuracy is one continuum. How about relatability?

If sex is on your mind, you could interpret a message in a sexual way.

If you’re looking for a job, healing from an illness or at a major life transition and hungry for answers, your perceptual block or filter could alter how you perceive the message. Any message.

The key to a clear transmission and clear reception is validation.

Does the information check out?

Does it match what your rational left brain has encountered in terms of evidence and data?

Does it feel true, hold up under scrutiny, and serve your highest self?

While it’s true we can get very philosophical and expand on any of these ideas to show you how literally any communication can serve any goal, the main energies to consider here are trust and nourishment.

If you trust the information is true and good, you will feel nourished, intellectually and spiritually. Perhaps, emotionally— and if you practice Pranic living, physically as well.

Emotional Block

The quirk in the system is the concept of an emotional block.

Imagine that all energy, be it Prana, karma or blood, flows through pipes.

If a pipe is blocked, the flow is restricted.

Emotionally, if you have a block, you might not be able to perceive a message fully. If you experienced abuse and it is unresolved, you could have a block affecting your ability to receive love.

Reasons for Emotional Blocking

Reasons for Emotional Blocking

If you experienced something traumatic and haven’t fully healed or resolved it, the natural intelligence of your system could create a thought form (also known as a protector) that can halt, divert, or even change the incoming energy so as to support the stability of your system.

For example, if you experienced extreme physical injury in conjunction with a loud and sudden noise (explosion), you might involuntarily jump in response to other loud noises (car horns).

This is your thought form protecting you from future damage.

Even if a car horn is not related to a threat, the unprocessed trauma—or karmic/energetic/emotional block—serves to keep you safe, in case it is dangerous.

In other words, your perception would be distorted, and you could be said to have a contextual case of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Traumas can occur in all scenarios, not just physically powerful ones. You could have received anger instead of love when you were young, creating an aversion to anger. You could have witnessed a spiritual leader abusing their power, and your perceptions of spiritual leaders might thereafter be distorted by your block. Psychologists would call this a projection (you thinking other spiritual leaders will abuse their power) and, as synonyms and mirrors go, you create the reality—project the light of creation from your core—that matches your karmic filter.

Healing and Perception

The beauty of feeling sudden emotions, and realizing they aren’t logically related to the situation at hand, is that you can identify your perception blocks, and resolve them.

While of course, this can be much more energy and time-consuming in practice than it is in conception, it shines a massive floodlight of hope on your ability to perceive the world accurately, and know the truth for truth.

If anything triggers you or activates emotional responses, or especially a tendency for the mind to wander in certain pages, you might want to pause, meditate, and if you notice the root of the feeling, enjoy the opportunity for self-healing and inner transformation.

A proactive healer might not just wait for you to ask for specific things to be healed. She might know you, ask for permission to “bring stuff up,” and intentionally stimulate your blocks so you can notice them and eventually, heal them.

Of course, a good healer would do this at a pace tolerable for your system, that wouldn’t overwhelm you, would use modalities and explanations that leave you stronger and more enabled at the end—and a great healer + teacher of full service would teach you how to do what he does that’s relevant for you, so, at least with some things, you could heal yourself.

“Magic is Real” for Self-Healing


Since books are, three-dimensionally, one-way communications, the books of Magic is Real will occasionally contain languages and phrases to move energy through your system in such a way as to help you see your blocks.

When this occurs, please forgive us, and consider how to process the emotion. If you believe this text truly serves your highest good, allow yourself to engage in forgiveness and self-healing.

Due to the nature of linearity (page 1, 2, 3 etc.), we can’t write all that you would need for healing and all that you have requested to learn about magic, in a book that is reproduced and thus physically identical to many people.

We can, however, offer many techniques and exercises that are globally applicable and fill the text with additional resources, and so we have.

And we can say, in a way that may be received differently than before, that healing is a prerequisite for many Magic.

And of course… you might not know what needs to be healed or cleared until you actually start moving more energy throughout your system. So we encourage you to live life fully and only engage in healing practices when they seem necessary, or proactively smart.

If you are like many people drawn to spirituality, you are sensitive, emotionally as well as energetically.

Allow yourself to love all of your parts, even the vulnerable ones. Don’t get caught up in the never-ending quest to feel “healed enough” or “strong enough” to pursue your dreams. Start now—continue now—and accept the fact that life contains constant change. Like an onion, there may always be a layer deeper… and until you’re a floating ball of light, accept there may be always being something else to heal. Accept it, and move on.

Everything is as it should be.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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