You chose to be born into this body, as a soul.

You chose these experiences to help you grow, as a soul.

So why keep choosing to forget your true nature, and play the Ego game?

Embodying trust is about reconnecting with your deep knowing that everything will be okay. It’s about allowing the universe to deliver what’s best for you while you’re on your path to embodying your highest self.

Trusting can be hardest when a major life challenge comes.

How can you trust the broken arm, deceased loved one, or major career challenge helps your spiritual mission?

By remembering what’s truly important.

If you over-identify with your ego, the incidents of this Earth School can provoke emotional reactions that tie you deeper to this temporary mortal identity that was designed to serve you… not the other way around.

What Does Trust Mean?

What Does Trust Mean?

Trusting doesn’t mean you sit back and let someone whack you with a stick until your face bleeds, “trusting that all is well in the world.” It means taking responsible action while aligning with the higher reality that everything exists to serve you. Even if you aren’t clear on how a challenge serves you, on the third dimension alone, this Trust perspective will lift your mood, which in turn will reduce stress, help you live longer, and inspire more creative ideas. Thanks to less cortisol and more serotonin.

Challenges can occasionally match what your ego wants, though during prayer it would be best if you can ask in a reverent way for what would serve you best in the long term, and trust the universe will give you what’s ideal.

“Mindful Lamp” Manifestation

Imagine, for a second, if you had Aladdin’s Lamp without restriction, and got everything you wanted… your world would change very quickly, and your desires—since you could shape reality with impunity—would shape your surroundings.

Now imagine a kind, smart mentor designing rules around the lamp. You can’t harm others (wrath), can’t eat unlimited sweets (gluttony), can’t have mindless sex to fill a love void (lust), etc.

Would that help you or hurt you?

It depends on who’s asking.

“Mindful Lamp” Manifestation

An undeveloped ego focused on the immediate gratification and believing states of wellbeing come from things outside ourselves could experience frustration at the limits on the Lamp—especially if the lamp were previously represented as having no limits.

A more mature soul—one who remembers the prioritization of pleasure over fulfillment—might be grateful. Rather than have to use willpower to overcome temptation, the soul could see how the restrictions on the lamp serve his highest good.

The soul would trust, and this would come from knowing.

Developing Trust

The practice of manifesting with a “Mindful Lamp” is a mix of prayer and surrender. It’s different from having a strong and clear will, where you focus on your intentions with determination and conviction.

Especially when your intuition is still developing, “Trust, but Verify” is an important concept to consider, as blind trust combined with too much detachment can lead some of us to be taken advantage of, and others to release their intentions too soon. While the concept of embodying trust is related to acceptance, it doesn’t mean inaction.

To dive deeper into this concept, one of many good sources is the video “The Paradox of Developing Self-Trust” by Leo of

Also great is the TED talk “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz.

Do you trust the recommendation (or your intuition) enough to decide in this instant whether to watch the video or not?

If unclear, pause now and go into stillness. You could Google a summary of the video, check its stats, and mentally decide if the time will offer a return on your investment. Or, you could practice tuning into your eternal Knowing, drawing upon your Soul’s access to all information through Akasha, and get clear on a “Yes” or a “No,” then trust this knowing and take immediate action.

If you decided yes, don’t let this sentence distract you! Act now! Use your will!

Developing Refined Intuition

Developing Refined Intuition

Another exercise to develop refined intuition is, with any video (although of course videos in the book, Magic Is Real would plant two trees with one seed…) ask your intuition wherein the video you should start watching and jump to that point. Perhaps it’s to an exact second; perhaps you click at a general location on the progress bar and trust your hand to be guided to the appropriate spot.

More advanced still is to maintain contact with your intuition throughout the video, and be open to when it says “stop.” Trust, allow, and end the video there. Don’t think about what you might be missing. Accept the knowing that you received exactly what you needed—and just like receiving a large meal, it might serve your best interest not to clean the plate.

As with all recommendations, take content as it serves you, rather than a word for word manual on how to literally live your life. You’re not a robot, and circumstances change.

Trust your higher self and intuition to accept, reject and customize advice as it suits you. This will help you shift from thought (mind) into knowing (soul).

And if your ego refuses to leave the driver’s seat, consider tempting her with the promise of a more successful life, as linked to the ability to delay gratification.

I hope this topic enlightens your soul today.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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