Before learning how to tune into the you (soul, consciousness) in a past life (temporary mind / body), it’s important to know:

Why do we not remember our Past Lives?

As you ascend in consciousness, you’ll remember that you as a soul exist beyond space and time. You can learn how to shift your consciousness to levels of higher awareness so you can access past lives, and ideally, tune into another version of yourself that already had a skill or quality you want in this life – and re-learn it much more quickly than starting fresh in our Wizard School.

Damanhur offers a course in Past Lives, and during a Q&A with the founder Falco, a 6th-grade student named Doran asked, Why do we not remember our past lives?”

Falco replied, “I’ll give you the example that I always give: imagine that you were Napoleon or Alexander the Great. You remember this, and you are in school with the others… you would feelsomewhat uncomfortable putting together these memories!”

Falco goes on to draw a scenario: Imagine you’re a factory worker at Tesla, and spontaneously, fully remember a past life where you were Napoleon. If you don’t have the spiritual training, access, and context, you might drop a heavy piece of equipment and say, “But I am Napoleon, what am I doing here?”

Ultimately, Falco said that if we can’t detach from the experiences of past lives, we could end up in a mental hospital— somewhat like the conundrum we see in the series The Magicians.

In the episode “A Life in the Day,” even though Kady is a legitimate Magician, given the setting of the institution and her required medications, she doesn’t have the means to escape. A mental hospital is also visited in the episode “The World in the Walls,” where Quentin was under a reality-altering spell where he couldn’t perform Magic as usual and had to escape by confronting his very reality as an illusion.

While the Veil of Maya refers to the physical world we live in as an illusion, and many modern theorists including Elon Musk agree that we are very highly probably living in a simulation or hologram, ultimately, as a respectable Chaos Magician once put it, “Reality is what persists when you stop believing in it.”

In the same interview, Falco went on to say that, “It’s important to maintain a clear separation between the lives we live.” Unlike fiction where everything usually works out in a story created by teams of writers and editors, in real life, our past incarnations are recoverable memories, and visible Magic often depends on the perceptions and beliefs of those around you.

In order to change this reality, we can use the model of a hologram, matrix or illusion and apply the principles of manifestation. Such techniques require a stronger fundamental understanding to master.

Reincarnation and Enlightenment

Suffice to say, we incarnated into these present-day lives to learn certain lessons—and unless you consistently have clear and accurate access to change the karma of yourself and other beings, “breaking” that illusion in front of those who are not ready to shift is, generally, prohibited.

When you naturally ask, “prohibited by who?” we get into very sensitive territory. As with the Rick and Morty Episode “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” confronting those who can literally create or destroy your world is something to be undertaken very carefully, if at all.

At the highest dimensional perspectives (at outlined in my book Magic is Real), all “beings” are ultimately you. However, until you can levitate cats, materialize diamonds and create planets with a thought, you can usually only access your full God / Goddess self in temporary higher states of meditation. Even though these states seem timeless (like you are merged with all things at all times, touching and being infinity), in the 3D world, they are, for the most part, several minutes or hours long.

So it’s conceivable that higher dimensional beings – guardian angels, Gods, Goddesses, Christ, Buddha, whatever face you feel is most aligned with your truth – help you, support you, and like a parent supporting his child with training wheels on a bike – controlling your reality for your own safety, until you learn how to control it yourself. (And not, perhaps, explode people in fire if you feel angry at them rather than infinite loving compassion) 

Since all realities exist simultaneously, you can, in theory, shift to a level of awareness where you perceive the creation of universes, and see how different holograms are created for different purposes. Some creators may want to be discovered, their creations liberated, and a full ascension to take place.

The opposite can also be true. So we tread with caution, recognizing the rules and safeguards may exist for a purpose.

Bending or breaking those rules could have consequences, either based on the rules of the system (drowning) or enforced by the creators of it (turning the power off on a massive open-world video game).

Past Life

It is of our philosophy and the reality we offer you that this hologram was created to help us learn how to use our divine spark in a safe way. Perhaps in the future, when you are at the level of divinity to create worlds, you will set them up with different rules. Perhaps you will use similar ones. Video game design is especially interesting as a field of study here…as is the phenomenon that the games become less fun when the challenge is removed.

Thusly, most games either restrict or eliminate “God-Mode,” like in the early PC shooters where you could have unlimited health and ammo. So we have our container where we can gain abilities, level up in skill, learn through the challenge, and, at a certain point, graduate.

Exercise: Recover memories from a Past Life

If you want to tap into a past life, consider that one specific memory may be all you need. If an average life span is 80 years, even in fast-forward mode it would take an extremely long time to recover that entire life. Thus, you want to open up to a precise moment in that life that is most relevant to your current life.

See Part 2 of this article for the exercise 

As you can tell, there’s a lot to talk about regarding this topic. More will be shared soon. If you liked the depth and specificity of this article, MUCH more similar content is available on Wizard School in video format.

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