As the body has to travel to the bathroom or body can travel with its soul, with its spirit, to this energy to a different location. I mean everything is a fractal of everything else so a lot of times if people are on it, to a certain type of journey, or have enhanced perceptions, we see fractals. We see mirrors.

We’ve heard the phrase: “consciousness, as the Hall of Mirrors”, so the physical world mirrors the astral and vice versa in certain ways. Same with the causal karmic, same with the seventh plane, which is where our divinities hang out mostly and it’s nice because then, we can use one reality our main third dimensional. This, the reality, as a mirror and a bit of a map for understanding everything else.

Three-Dimensional Reality

Time and Space

So how do we use three-dimensional reality as a mirror for the fourth dimension? How does that work? How does that mirror? So I use healing because that’s something most of us have access to. So if you see an energy healer, somebody who’s actually really skilled has some good training and has been practicing for years. Their clients say good things about them. Not just somebody who says, ooh I do energy healing or I got a Reiki initiation, but who actually does it and you come to that healer.

My Example of Three-Dimensional Reality

This is something that happened to me actually a couple of years ago. I had this intense pain in my wrist and I said, you know what’s up with the anatomy, the tendon, the ligaments, the tissues, the flesh and, the muscles. All of it did. I do something and they said put your awareness on your wrist and I put my awareness inside my wrist and immediately, all these visions came to me of some past trauma which I don’t want to get into in detail. I can’t if you’re curious.

And as soon as I felt those and stopped trying to avoid them. Avoidance is a huge topic and in a lot of types of healing. And I allow that energy to finally be processed and I stopped resisting it. The pain actually went away to about an eighty percent (80%) I think, it’s really critical to measure this stuff. Very few people do and then the next day maybe 2 or 3 percent was left like a ghost of a remembrance. But it was all gone. No physical contact whatsoever our awareness.

Space and perception

So you can say, if you want to stick strictly – 3D, as a strict skeptic, oh! You just found a great way to engage the placebo effect and all this stuff is an anchor for that and if all you want to do is stay super, super grounded in only this reality, then, magic is just hacks or the placebo effect, which is pretty much unlimited. It can cause cancer can reverse cancer but when you get into the astral, you start explaining the mechanism of action.

You start explaining that tingling, the warmth you feel, when you do, to her going for real and when an energy healer is working on you; and you notice something, and when you get to the astral energetic there are all these ways of describing it. Kichi, prana, Shen, Ian Energy, on energy all this stuff.

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