Now, just to go a little bit deeper to Third Eye Opening Exercise. I would really love to share with you an interesting exercise. So, I’d like to offer for you to close your eyes and really pause and consider who you are. And really think with your eyes closed, giving your brain a second to digest all of the rapid-fire information. See yourself as the representation of yourself in space. Your surroundings could be forest, hills, whiteness, the room you’re in…

Third Eye Opening Exercise: First Steps

Now, imagine you no longer have a hand, but you’re still you. Imagine you no longer have a body, except maybe an interface for your brain to perceive the world. You’re still you.

Now, what if part of your brain was damaged, would you be you or would that change you? Or just like you might be changed because your experience would differ if you lost a hand, or if you lost a certain cognitive function. You would still be there. You would just be shifted.

So, say you learn a new skill and we’ve all done this. Say you go from not knowing how to read to be able to read. All of a sudden, your experience has expanded. There was you before you learned how to read and after. As you contemplate this and link with the idea that you are the essence, you are soul, you are mind, you are non-physical, interacting with the world through the physical, through your healthy brain, through your physical body, you’re able to experience more.

Deeper Self Analysis


Still, with your eyes closed, I offer to you, to focus just on the center of your head, and feel what does your head feel like? Not physically, not when you have a headache or when your head feels numb or anything like that. But what does it feel like inside? You might not have a lot of awareness of that.

What does it feel like possibly in your chest? What does it feel like in your lower abdomen? What does the inside of your body feel like? And as you can sense this somewhere. Maybe where you’re holding tension, clenching your belly, clenching your face, feeling hunched, feeling relaxed… Now take that body awareness and move it into the center of your head even deeper.

I’d offer to you just to sense the core of your brain and energetically, psychically relax and allow whatever images want to rise up to rise. And as you breathe more slowly and deeply, taking off the filter of thought or judgment, they can come back later, ask a question to your Pineal Gland, how are you?

Answering Yourself

Now, when I ask that I hear the words immediately. “I’m fine” I don’t try to change them. I don’t try to make an overlay. I don’t try to overrule or second guess or argue. And if you have been able to relax, still with your eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply, what answer did you hear?

Maybe, “I’m not fine. I need help. I’m hungry. I really, really want to experience this world more.” So whatever the answer is, now with the same open folder filter, not judging not thinking, ask, “How can I serve you? How can we walk in harmony together?” And just be open, you might get an image, you might get words. And with the mind we shared is I want you to take me outside, outside more.

You might have different things. Like, I’m picking up the vibration, some people might want to go and create art. Some people might be hearing a voice to make music, to have more physical experiences, to change diet. So, as you go deep within, with your eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply through your belly, imagine a place where you’re seated and there’s a being across from you also seated.

So, as you’re in this space, you’re seating in a chair, what does it like to be with another version of you? What does it like to be seating there with a being that is speaking through you and for you, who’s there representing part of yourself?

Exploring This State

Pineal Gland Workshop

That being who just responded when you asked, “How are you?” And just note does this being take a form? Is their form an animal? Is their form like you? Is their form solid or not solid? And as you pause and notice, whether or not there is form. I offer to you to allow yourself to just be okay and just be excited with the fact that you’re now accessing part of your deeper self. and envision this form pulsing. And I offer you to breathe with it.

And as you’re breathing deeply in the harmony with your Pineal Gland, I would offer to you to extend gratitude. Whatever that means for you. And now, as you’re coming back, and in this world that you’re in… This world of your inner mind, do you notice that the being that you’re with, the consciousness, it enters with the energy that you’re with, the intention, and it feels good?

That’s all for the third eye opening exercise. I hope you enjoyed it.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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