Exercise: Recover memories from a Past Life

If you want to tap into a past life, consider that one specific memory may be all you need. If an average life span is 80 years, even in fast-forward mode it would take an extremely long time to recover that entire life. Thus, you want to open up to a precise moment in that life that is most relevant to your current life.

See Part 1 of this article for more context 🙂

Here is an outline for an exercise that can help you do this.

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Have patience with yourself, and realize that doing this “perfectly” make take several attempts. Once you succeed, you will be able to do this again more quickly and easily.

1) Get in a quiet, peaceful environment. Have low lighting, ideally no light or an excellent eye cover. Practicing this at night, or if possible between 1am-4am when the amount of DMT in your system is naturally higher, can help.

2) If any thoughts, emotions or physical sensations are nagging at your awareness, take time to address those. Have your exercise for the day finished, little to no caffeine or psychoactive compounds in your system, and feel as good and calm as you can. Journal, write down any persistent thoughts or to-dos, and clear your mind.

3) Do a 10-15 minute calming meditation in the method of your choice. Guided meditations are okay as long as they clear your mind. It’s best to sit up straight for both the meditation and the following exercises so you don’t fall asleep accidentally; you want to be awake and alert. If this is difficult during the hours of 1-4am, then you can do this exercise any time; you want your body relaxed and your mind relaxed, but not tired.

4) Ask, in your own mind our out loud, what you most need to know from a past life. If there has been a persistent question or challenge in your awareness, especially a topic that doesn’t seem to have a clear answer based on your current life circumstances, consider if your current situation is being manifested by your karma. Tuning into a past life can show you the source of that karma.

5) Say, “I am now going to shift, as awareness, into a version of myself in a different form, at a different place and time, to better understand my life as it is in this form, at this time.”

6) Breathe very deeply from your belly 5 times, and if they aren’t already closed, close your eyes.

7) See yourself rising up, up and into the clouds. You are surrounded by bright, white light. Stay there; let the cleansing sunlight wash over you. All your current life circumstances are down on Earth; you are now in a place between the worlds.

8) When you feel yourself, as Awareness, as Soul, existing fully in the clouds, see the sun set in the sky, and the moon rise. In your vision, allow yourself to look up the stars, and gaze at them, relaxing, letting any remaining details fly away.

9) See the moon rise. At it’s height, see it start to move in the opposite direction. Allow time to naturally speed up. Let the moon fall and the sunrise you just witnessed reoccur in reverse. Speed this process up, many times, until the moon and sun are a fast blur above the heavens. Allow this to continue for 20-30 seconds, in rapid speed. Possibly, shoot through the stars and planets of the galaxy, if the past life you feel called to occurred on another planet. You will know when you have shifted back [or forward] in time and space to the right occasion.

10) When the motion has stopped, gently decend down from the clouds. Allow yourself to be guided to the body you inhabited in that time and place. You can then view events from a distance or a first person perspective, whichever is more comfortable.

11) Allow whatever you see to flow naturally. You may get one picture, or recover many long minutes of memories. Watch silently; do not judge, and do not ask questions. If you feel either coming up, trust yourself to remember the details that are relevant to you. Maintain passive, loving Witness Consciousness.

12) When it is time to leave the vision, you will know. Allow your system to do whatever it needs. You can reverse the above process, or if the memories fade and you feel your consciousness naturally returned to the present moment, open your eyes when the time is right.

13) Record what you saw and heard, and what you feel it means. A voice recorder is best, set up with a simple device or on an app. If you use an app, have it ready at the push of a button as soon as you come out of the meditation. It’s important that if you use your phone during this exercise, have it on airplane mode, and any music or meditations should be downloaded so you’re not distracted by notifications or messages.

14) Stretch, and go for a walk. The meaning of your vision may be immediately apparent. More often, the meaning of your vision will become clear to you in the days that follow

15) Most importantly, re-engage with the current world. This can be a powerfully transcendent mystical experience and shake your identity in a beautiful, yet powerful way. If your reasons for doing this are especially important, arrange a video chat or face to face talk with a good friend or family member soon after your meditation. 

Doing this practice successfully can be completely life altering. In some, it can be a direct precursor to deeper levels of Spiritual Awakening

No matter what, remember that the life you are living now is the most important one. You are here for a good reason. You chose this, as a soul, to learn certain things. Even though you will have the option of choosing other lives after this one, the exercise you have just performed is meant to enrich your current life.

Finally, if any of the visions are disturbing, you can descend them to the level of metaphor. In some cases, you may need to schedule a healing session to help you process what you noticed.

I realize that, after reading these instructions and realizing what is involved in this process, your ideas of accessing a past life may have changed. That’s perfectly okay. This practice takes a very mature and willing heart, and it should be done at the right time, and certainly not rushed. It can be incredibly joyful and empowering – and it can also reveal many answers, as well as questions.

As you can tell, there’s a lot to talk about regarding this topic. More will be shared soon. If you liked the depth and specificity of this article, MUCH more similar content is available on Wizard School in video format.

If you would like to book a private session with me to receive support with this or any other spiritual practice, you can reach out any time 🙂

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I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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