Guided meditation for optimal mental health:

Repeat these statements, aloud or in your mind. Visualise as richly and completely as you can your interpretation of these guides.

See the energies of your brain. See the manifestations of a healthy and optimal brain in your day to day actions. As you see scenes in your life you intend to live in your mind’s eye.

Three… two… one…

Hypnotic suggestions begin now.

I hereby will my brain to obey my commands.

I am a soul. I have a body. Therefore I have a brain.

My brain is the hardware through which I upgrade into the wider world.

I hereby clean that hardware of all faulty programming.

I hereby clean that hardware of all faulty programming. May all that which I have viewed with faulty programming function correctly.

May my self-judgements of guilt, shame,  and failure fade away.

I hereby optimise my brain at the frequency of an ascended master.

I hereby petition my ascended masters for assistance: to lend me their strength and skills and the astral maps for the components of their brains which I may near/endure?(02:46) maintaining my personality that’s built over this lifetime, yet growing in their neurons and dendrite connections necessary for spiritual realisation and miraculous manifestation.

I hereby end the circuitry of anxiety.

I hereby end the circuitry of paralysing fear.

I hereby end the circuitry of automatic suffering.

I hereby strengthen and build out? (03:23)nourish and flourish the growth of neurons and dendrite connections for continued persistent mindfulness, awareness of all things, presence.

‘I am he who is presence.’

‘I am she who is presence.’

I hereby revoke the sacred words of ‘I am’.

I am whole. My wholeness hereby reverses and heals any brain damage I may have thought or believed myself to have up to this point in life. Injuries, illnesses, substance use, trauma–any of these things I have believed to have left a mark–may those marks be erased.

And like magnetic letters being swept from a refrigerator door–or plucked one by one from its surface–may my brain be clear of any blemishes.

Where I have had blind spots–where I have not functioned in the way I have intended–may new neurons flourish and grow. So that I now behave as I intend.

Identify one habit which doesn’t serve me.

I relinquish any dendrite connections that allow habits to persist.

Identify another habit or addiction and do the same. Deconstructing and reconstructing the neural-circuitry of compulsion.

Instead rerouting __?(05:19-20)new train tracks, a new behaviour to when you urge for the compulsion occurs habitually can __ plane/in astral plane? (05:29) it triggers positive action; make sure default is to focus on my breath.

I focus on my breath in my present moment and then I act as I intend.

Flourishing like seeds, heavily watered with heavily sun, are at the brain cells, dendrite connections.

Neural nets, or prior to different___?? (06:06-09) in this life time for the dreams and destinies and intentions that will represent the physical manifestation of my life me living it to the fullest.

May those neural nets, may those maps, grow and flourish in my brain.

May mind become aware of these connections. And may my consciousness put them to use.

May I resonate the causal plane with the help of the ascended masters and higher different bodied beings and forces that shape or manifest reality, thus enabling me to attract and create those elements of reality which I believe is necessary to live my destiny, to live my purpose, to live my highest good, to live my highest self.

Be?(07:10) those interactions, realizations, understandings, epiphanies, achievements, possessions, detachment from desire, ability to surrender and flow, enlightenment, in the definition that best suits me. May all of these things come to pass; not just once but continuously.

May I see myself as a divine being. May I see myself as divine. May I see myself as God.

And though I may act to appreciate limitation of consciousness of an individual mortal soul, may I realise more and more, everyday as my capacity grows in more of my true divine nature.

And for my shadow: May my shadow be felt? (08:08) May my shadow be understood. May my shadow be healed. May my shadow be nourished.

May I, who is the awareness draw distinction between eye of unity consciousness and shadow of collection of set personalities, astral energies, previous life’s experiences, memories, and irrelative psychologies.

May I see the distinction. May I have the wisdom. May I have the guidance. And may I have the optimal brain to act from light and hold in love.

My shadow, may I be integrated. May my brain, my soul, my mind, my body integrate all that I have been taught. All that I’ve learned. All that I intend to be, into the life which I now live.

May the reality I manifest, in each and every moment of now, correspond to my awakening.

May the changes that I feel unnecessary occur and may the manifestations which I fear and believe deep down I do not need, (sentence needs rephrasing)may I release myself from fear. And may I release myself from focusing on these essentialities. So as not to draw them into the causal plane, and make them more likely, to experience and manifest reality.

May I bless the universe where these fears occur. May I bless the versions of myself in those universes that they may not feel fear but instead they shall have peace. (10:00)

May I show compassion to myself. May my brain create and flourish neural circuitry for infinite, endless, boundless, loving compassion. May I act to ensure that myself and others are treated with fairness, and may I have compassion towards all beings: including those deemed as evil.

May my heart be open and may my heart be strong.

May what I feel pierce me to the core, yet may it not damage me. May I hereby release, now and forever, the illusions of damage that I have held in this incarnation and in others.

Realizing and understanding that I’m a perfect being. Realizing and understanding that perfection is an ideal that can be realized in the causal plane.(11:10)

And, while I hold this intention in the causal plane, may I manifest it astrally and physically, more and more in every perceived moment of the illusion that is time.

And may every atom, of the perceived physical reality of Maya (the illusion), reflect the light of my consciousness that creates and manifests reality around me for my own growth in realization, awareness, and experience.

May the light that is a divine soul continuously guide my words, thoughts, and deeds. May those ascended masters–who are also part of my divine soul, yet who I believe to be separate–guide me.

May the infinite layers of reality, including duality and nonduality–existing simultaneously in this existence–be supportive of my awakening.

May no attachments remain not even to those which believe that I must try for.  As mentioned in this meditation and elsewhere needs striving desire and detachment.

Not the ‘I am that I am’. I am that I am. I am that I am.  And as the awareness I consciously manifest reality starting with my thoughts and consciousness.

Expanding deeper, as my perception and ability to work in the material, Astral, Causal, and other planes increase.

May I be at peace with my current level of development, and however these manifestations appear to be–regardless of my initial judgement of them as a blessing or woe–may I always return to Source.

That I am that Source that flows through me. If I choose it, may I wear the title of Sorcerer proudly, as the title Sorcerer is given to one who works with Source.  

And if you are Source with eye and Source… the title Sorcerer is for one who is awake and consciously working from the perspective of their awakening.

May that which I perceive to be my ego serve me well. If I choose to call upon it, may it reflect my highest good and intended them as full.

If I choose to relinquish it may I flow effortlessly, like the winds of the sky being guided by the divine will that is also my will… being one with and flowing with infinite superconscious.

Allowing… allowing… allowing and flowing… flowing… flowing… so more to be/somewhere to be?(14:53) on this day and any others which I choose.

So may I think those – breathe and act of the awareness that I am that I am. Amen.

Thank you for staying with me. I hope you found this meditation helpful.

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