Why awaken humanity? Spiritual growth is more than just your attitude and quality of life. It’s something that causes a global shift – how nations are governed, how nature flourishes or fades. How are you seeking to grow right now?

What do you have to offer the world?

You are a powerful Magician!

Your true powers are growing daily, with study and practice, as you remember the truths that resonate deep inside you. You manifested this book to help remind you Who You Are, and everything you can do.

The next stage of your Magical Training is here. These pages (and this website) contain everything you will need to unlock a fuller, deeper power. They will remind you, in a new yet familiar way, of your true Divine nature, and the richness of unconditional love.

Magical Golden Age is about restoring your full and complete Belief in Yourself. You’ll learn about the divinity which is you, and how to embody your soul in a tangible, felt sense. Techniques and exercises to heal your physical, mental and emotional bodies exist next to practical and legitimate spells.

You’ll learn about manifestation (making things happen) and why some spells are more effective and efficient than others. You’ll learn more about intention, consciousness, and good, rational research.

What is a rainbow body? Is immortality possible? What is divine light? How can angels help me? Do I need Psychic Protection? How does reincarnation work?

How can I create new spells? If you’ve ever wondered those things or more, your answer behind answers is here. Not just direct responses – those are easy (and of course included in this series) – but also instructions on how to develop the ability to arrive at the truth behind those questions, and all other questions, as you learn to safely explore the Astral realms, access Akashic records, and learn how to channel.

Excerpt from Magic is Real: How to Create Reality, Manifest Miracles and Make Spirituality Fun Again!

Learn Practical Magic

Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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Magic is Real.

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