Often the simple awareness of where we are can help us see the river of life.

As you outline actions, your subconscious will be aware of circumstances where those actions can take place, and your intuition will remind you to make the right decisions at the right times.

Actions are critical because they represent embodiment. The action takes a decision and brings it into material reality, into a physical experience.

Sure, you can practice an entirely mental worldview and plan, schedule and coordinate all of these actions, living in your upper chakras. But you can also choose to engage your second chakra and trust that all will work out perfectly.

And here we come to the first bend in the river.

First Bend of The River

How do you feel about the concept of trust – or for that matter, embodiment? Are you comfortable leaving things “up to the universe,” or do you need a guarantee, some fixed structure, to ensure life goes a certain way?

How we approach one thing can holographically represent how we approach all things.

First Bend of The River

Your awareness of any wounds related to trust (likely these wounds are called betrayals) is the first step to healing them.

Ultimately, as you learn to trust yourself to live in the way you intend and design, the actions to shift your life will all occur as needed – and practices like the one above will happen automatically, without reminders, aligning you more with a continuous upward spiral.

At a certain point, when you are aligned with love, abundance, and service (a most mysterious yet critical element of this world) – when you have crossed the 50% threshold – the river will naturally carry you upstream.

You will be carried more and more in the Great Flow towards heaven, whatever that looks like for you.

There may have been moments in your life where you were flowing upstream, succeeding, and progressing effortlessly.

Suddenly, then came a challenge.

A Sudden Challenge

How you respond to life in challenging times is how you respond to the river. Do you stay a good person to yourself and to others, and get carried up through “Right Action” one step closer to embodying your divinity?

Or do you take a shortcut, cut a corner, betray your truth in some way? Do you make an excuse, sacrifice the big picture for immediate gratification, and start to travel ever so significantly, ever so slightly… downstream?

Whichever way that is. Please know that I am here to help you in every way I can.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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