The Magic that is possible in this world generally depends on your setting. For the reality we co-create, generally healing and synchronicity are our first access points. During a health crisis, we can be desperate and open up to new possibilities. Seemingly randomly, a meaningful coincidence can occur—perhaps appearing as a number code, DNA activation, or accurate precognition—and remind us that time and space are merely phenomena of the lower dimensions.

Since we are multi-dimensional beings, with an aspect of ourselves always existing in the divine or 7th dimension, along with the Unity or 9th dimensional planes, we can sometimes perceive time and space as an artist perceives paper.

The artist can use a third dimensional tool like a pencil to edit the paper, which exists on the second dimension, in infinity of ways.

The soul, as an individual spark of consciousness who lives many lifetimes, can use subtle energy, which exists on the fourth dimension, to affect how the third dimensional body changes, in infinity of ways.

connecting with god

The Spirit, a term used in Hermetics for greater-than-soul awareness, can operate on the fifth dimensional causal plane to alter karma, or cause and effect. This is an ideal level of Magic to act from as it is generally faster and more powerful. Models of manifestation include emotions in the astral body and actions in the physical body to include the fourth and third dimensions, respectively.

A being of divine awareness can, at the seventh dimension, use sixth-dimensional tools we call blessings  in ways the soul uses fourth-dimensional “energy” or Prana . This can shift Karma much more quickly, often leading to instant manifestation.

This is similar to the “leveling up in skill” noticed in some energy healers. Certain practitioners believe in many complex skills, words, colors and shapes. Other practitioners simply use white light.

Since white light includes all colors, it can be said to “create the hologram” and work at a sub-causal level. Contrast this to “work the subtle with the subtle” and we see a possible difference of speed and effectiveness.

When your awareness can reach states of perceived non duality, where you see multiple timelines simultaneously, shifting your awareness to a mind-body incarnation or hologram that has a different quality depends on your level of conviction.

Nondual and Unity consciousness are wonderful states to experience. Being in total bliss, beyond time, space and the story of your life is so deeply nourishing that, when you reach this state in meditation, it can be one of the most refreshing, loving and purifying experiences you can have in this life.

“Divine Embodiment” means allowing that aspect of your higher self that is, always has been, and always will be God.

Or Goddess, if you prefer the term. Gender is usually a lower-dimensional construct, a tool for organizing patterns that isn’t needed at higher states, but is useful for us to focus on specific aspects of Source, which many traditions give names and personalities like Lakshmi, Thoth, Krishna and Aphrodite, to focus on a specific aspect of the divine.

connecting with god and embodiment

When you embody the divine through prayer, meditation or ritual, you invite massive energies into your body. This can elevate you to literally ecstatic states of consciousness, and can be done while sober, not requiring any plant medicines to reach.

The beauty of Divine Embodiment is that it infuses you with qualities of the divine being you’re focusing upon. To use our previous examples:

  1. Lakshmi is the goddess of Wealth, Abundance and responsible relationships with our and our partners bodies
  2. Krishna is often represented as a God of merriment, of healing, and nonattachment in the face of adversity
  3. Thoth is a God of Knowledge, Writing and Magic
  4. Aphrodite is a Goddess of love and sensuality

If you are monotheistic, you can focus upon the qualities of your God and his/her attributes. If you are agnostic, you can focus upon infinite Source energy.

Teaching Divine Embodiment is a very complex subject. If you would like more information and specific exercises to reach these states – which can do wonders for manifestation – enroll in Wizard School and pick up a copy of Magic is Real.

Note: It is ideal to humble yourself and come from a state of reverence and spiritual service when connecting with the divine. As a being or beings (again, a choice of perspective) of infinite energy and resources, they need nothing and can grant everything. Caring for Humanity’s evolution and spiritual awakening, most divine beings I have experienced care very much to support those who share these attributes, and orient towards selflessness rather than selfishness.

Still, even if you are feeling rather selfish by whatever terms you define it, prayer is extremely powerful. Psychologically, when you surrender your circumstances and perhaps part of you ego that no longer serves you to the divine, you invite in whatever serves your Highest self.

This is the pathway to miracles.

This post is continued in How to Know God: Divine Embodiment, Part 2.

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