(This post is a continuation of Divine Embodiment: How to pray to, connect with and embody Gods and Goddesses)

Because other beings are included in reality shifts, you will need to shift their rational minds and often emotions as well if they are to be included in the manifestation. This is one of the basic reasons that High Magic is best performed alone, or in small groups where intentions are united.

Magic enacted with the support of another being who is very close to you, such as a romantic partner, can be even stronger, given the more powerful charge of positive emotions that exist in a shared field of rich love.

At Avatar-level of awareness, we are literally aware of our past, future and parallel lives simultaneously. This is a much higher level of Ascension that does come with seemingly effortless access to Magical abilities which can allow one to “defy the Matrix.” The abilities should be paired with a deep understanding of what is karmically appropriate.

Psychological maturity or Growing Up is essential before these types of abilities are taught.

At the Avatar level, we both see and respect the spiritual evolution of those around us. We know their path and what is appropriate for it, and so don’t try to “hack the system” but rather simply serve as an instrument of divine will.

How much of that will is yours is a theological and ontological question. How do you define yourself, in the Avatar state? By the name of your current life? But your awareness includes multiple lives! By the name of Krishna or another aspect of the divine? But your story is likely different from Krishna’s!

This of course is true only from the perspective of the people who know you. If you are fully in God-mode, you live all stories, as well as experience yourself as the writer of those stories. A highly ascended person who sees this in you, and views you as a being who fully embodies and expresses the divine, will support you holding that frequency, and thus support your ability to manifest miracles.

Thus the controversial idea of praying to another being. If you feel it’s easier for you to see someone else as divine than to see yourself as such, and you wish to receive support at the divine level, including blessings and the support to change your karma, this option may appeal to you.

However, our culture has shifted in recent years, and the idea of an “infallible guru” is quickly transitioning. We are seeing ourselves more as a collective, beings who need other beings, all of us re-awakening to our inner divinity, and honoring each other’s expressions. This is a preferable method at this time in history for the majority of people living on Earth, and becomes more possible as we integrate the lower chakras, especially the second chakra dealing with relationships.

Of course, as the saying goes, there is room for all things in Unity. There are still many reasons for gurus to serve, both in the traditional and reinvented senses. It is up to each of us to choose who to honor, what to allow, and what we wish to experience.

As you can tell, there’s a lot to talk about regarding this topic. More will be shared soon. If you liked the depth and specifity of this article, MUCH more similar content is available on Wizard School in video format.

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