Finding your purpose and aligning to your highest truth will unleash tremendous power for you.

Be guided in exercises to gain clarity, build practical life strategies, and manipulate mystical forces to increase the probability of your success.

This episode starts as a journal entry, then gets fired up around the 9 minute mark. I review some recent events then get hit with a powerful download. In listening to the entire episode, you get exposed to the unedited experience of a Transmission.

This will build your neural circuitry and enhance your soul connection to Collective Consciousness, which will accelerate your receptitivity to, and awareness of, Akashic records information along with a ton of good ideas.

As always, I’m a fellow student, and claim no mastery. Humanity is ascending in a group, and we all play key roles for each other. May my 25+ years of Magical education and practice serve you well.

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Thank you. May you shift into higher frequencies of happiness, joy, and enlightenment, spiraling higher day after day.

May you remain grounded in your Ascension, integrating Earthly as well as Heavenly energies.

And may you be forever supported, by beings of service, physical and nonphysical, as serves your highest good.

So mote it be 😉


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