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When you have a being who Channels, that being can choose to embody the source, or simply allow the source material to flow through. This is how someone can appear as a spiritual teacher but not live all of what flows through them; the embodiment is just enough for the content to flow.

The messenger evolves to a true teacher “walking the walk” when the teacher chooses (or is able to choose) to allow their egos to dissolve and merge with that which flows. This isn’t always necessary or even that desirable; you can learn to channel dozens of beings, and not be required to embody any of them, beyond your vocal cords or other modes of expression.

Reading The Message

Reading The Message

Think of a stereotypical cheerleader making a speech. Popping bubble gum, twirling a strand of hair around his finger, saying “Yeah, um, so and, you know, like this whole meditation thing is like, kind of good” – this could sound superficial. It could appear superficial. Indeed, this being could take three, five, even ten times as long to say what, say, Ram Das said. The filler, the tone, the delivery could all be off.

Yet for the patient and astute observer, hearing a message of “Be here now” full of filler could be more meaningful than hearing it from an established spiritual teacher. Hearing a truth of transmission – whatever the signal and noise is – hearing this truth from someone of ordinary awareness, can be a powerful and encouraging sign of a societal shift.

We All Channel Messages Differently

So don’t slam someone for their delivery. Honor beings where they’re at. See the light of the soul, not the clothes of the ego. The growth of a being – the slope, the change, the delta – is what matters.

God speaks to you however she speaks.

Every being you encounter – every human, crow, tree, and group – is a message from the Universe. The sacredness in something exists when you see it…and even with all the cautions and urgings of validation, sometimes we have to remember that no special preparation, no Holy Man in white robes with beaded necklaces is needed to receive a bit of holiness, and be shifted one more bit towards wholeness.

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