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Your whole life will change if you stop focusing on what you don’t want and start focusing on what you do want.

If we’re angry we attract angry people and negative circumstances.

The predominant thoughts you hold in your awareness manifest.

Manifestation vs. Wishful Thinking

Your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.

This is not just WISHFUL THINKING or imaginary craziness. This is a deeper, basic understanding.

Quantum physics really begins to point to this discovery. You can’t have a universe without mind entering into it. The mind is shaping the very thing that is being perceived.

People who understand the secret become frightened about all the negative thoughts they have.

An affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. This eliminates a lot of worries.

Time Delay

Time Delay

There is also a time delay… not all thoughts come true instantly.

The time delay serves you; it allows you to reassess, think about what you want and make a new choice. It’s not like you think, “I’m afraid of being crushed by an elephant” and poof! One appears out of midair and lands on your head.

You want to choose your thoughts carefully and have fun with this. YOU ARE THE MASTERPIECE OF OUR OWN LIFE.  The David that you are sculpting is you; you do it with your very thoughts.

Law Of Attraction

The laws of the universe such as gravity exist whether we understand them or even believe in them.

You attracted everything in your life. At first blush you hate to hear that, but once you accept this concept it’s life-transforming. Most of us attract by default and think we have no control over our own thoughts and feelings.

Monitoring your thoughts can seem difficult at first.

Fortunately, there is an easier way than monitoring every single thought you have. Our feelings let us know what we’re thinking. The emotions are this incredible gift that we have that let us know what we’re attracting. You know the difference between your feelings because of how they make you feel.

New Affirmations

New Affirmations

When you celebrate the good feelings you’ll draw them to you in greater quantities. When you focus on bad feelings you magnify and multiply them.

If you’re feeling good you are creating a future that’s on track with your desires.

If you’re worried or in fear, that state of mind will bring more of this energy into your life today.

Whatever you’re thinking and feeling today is creating your future.

If you don’t let negative circumstances get in your way or take you down you’re going to continue to attract positive things and circumstances into your life.

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