I feel like you are a very strong expert in this understanding, in these understandings, because you speak about it very multidisciplinary, which is very difficult to… To not just fall into one vertical chamber. You have a very horizontal understanding of this. But you’ve also vertically went into the spirit, so how about this, because I think this is important as we mentioned it a couple of times already.

The applicability of magic is real. Where applying Magic is Real is the easiest? We were talking about pain. Pain in our body being able to hone awareness to that part of the body and heal it there what other ways?

Ways to Apply Magic is Real?

There are two ways of answering that. That’s categorically and technically.

Applying Magic Categorically

Applying Magic Categorically

So categorically, it might be healing enhanced perceptions, abundance frequencies or money magic, internal Chigong, Tantra or working with it sexual energies. Those are all different categories that are very practical, like money magic, who are like a lot of people – a lot more money. Money isn’t good or bad it has the judgments we can choose to place or take away from it.

Applying Magic Technically

So, when you get to techniques what are healing techniques that are practical specific? What our monetary techniques? So this is what I teach my school and my workshops and one-on-one training. Somebody will come and say “oh, I’d love to learn how to see and feel energy” or “oh, I’d love to pull more money into my life”. How do we work on these things along with any that other topics I’ve mentioned or a whole host of those manifestation, reality creation, attracting a soulmate.

For example, there’s the physical and then there’s the metaphysical, so the physical neurons, setting goals, taking care of these physical bodies it matters were in the 3D realm. It’s included in the all of reality and then the astral and then the causal and then all the way up. The practical value really depends on your point of access. If you want to get fit say you… You’re talking to somebody that overweight and they want to get fit very efficiently.

Most research I’ve seen, says that the fastest most efficient way to get fit is intermittent fasting, caloric restriction, and cleaning up your diet are either high-intensity interval training or just drink training. You build up more muscle mass, you burp house of calories high in visit interval training. Right? If your body cannot take high intensity interval training, there’s something up with your joints, or you’re in a wheelchair and you can only do high-intensity interval training with your upper body. Then your access is different, then you know you could say my name any other people you may know. So magically I always work with people where they’re at one on one and generally in workshops. Got it?

Studying Magic

Studying Magic

And so if you have a practical desire intent. We would then say okay that’s in this category, these techniques are ideal for you and then we would kind of customize it. And just like in any school: you have stuff that is shared digitally, that everybody can get to and it’s mostly the same and you can just choose what you pay attention to. And then the customization work either the one-on-one work or how you individually choose to customize what you learn for yourself.

If somebody wants to study magic and they never hear anything from me again. It’s a the most critical thing is to look for validation. It’s to look for consensus reality. So if you think you could slaughter a pig and draw its blood in certain shapes and you’re going to have people flocking to knock down your door and hug you and kiss you, you know good luck.

But if you think you can pray and really deeply connect with the divine and people will knock down your door hug and kiss you also good luck. If however you really truly deep down believe one of those two hopefully the praying and connecting with the higher being and Jesus, Moses, Buddha any Mary Magdalene any high level spiritual being a divinity you can connect with or the one God if that’s your philosophy and a lot of people a lot of sources have also evaluated that inconsistent reality. Then you can grow in power grow an impact grow and power lift more weights.

So say you want more, more love more people to hug you, you want more money, you want better faster healing.

Learn Practical Magic

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This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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