What do you want? People to stop killing each other? Do you want to touch on Angels & Demons? Causal karmic objective reality, it’s so difficult but we don’t even agree on the third dimension. We agree on anything past that, so maybe then, there is a supply.

Consensus Reality

I actually have something to offer to you. I’d say that everything is a continuum between subjective and objective and what is objective? Like the term “consensus reality”.

So there’s somebody living with me who, I was training, who had a mental health condition. They went after meds. I tried to help them, I couldn’t pass a certain point or at least I didn’t believe I could and therefore, that was a reality or if you want to look at it. Eventually, they ended up in a psych ward, after an intervention and a lot of drama, and that person felt that their reality was a hundred percent true but nobody else did. They were outside of consensus reality and so, for us to say this is black, we could argue for ten hours if it’s zinc black or Mars black. The amount of gloss. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

So if I share angels and demons what I would have to share about that? Where’s the nature of karma or the fifth dimensional? The plane that I don’t go to strength. Theory, eleven-dimensional, although I recognize that is valid and the simultaneous paradoxical truths we can get into there… Reality can get really trippy.

Reality Follows Expectation

Reality Follows Expectation

So what we do generally is, we collapse the wave function, we agree to box certain concepts to be useful. So for example, if you’re talking to a nutritionist and saying well how much protein should I eat if I want to maintain muscle mass and grow muscle mass by such-and-such, I’m out. You’ll get different things. Most consensus might say your body weight plus X and there are other people who would say well you don’t actually need that much protein and so what ultimately matters in..

In the world that I live in and that I teach and the validation and agreements I’ve had from people who agree with this. It’s because people can agree with their beliefs, in whatever they want. I don’t. I’m not attached to people following me or liking my stuff or agreeing with me I just speak the truth that I see if. Reality follows expectation…

The First Channel

One of the first well-known channels was a woman named Jane Roberts and she channeled to being named Seth or who called himself Seth in these books. Seth speaks a series and the first was called the nature of personal reality. The first to really make it big and a lot of people Esther Hicks, who did the law of attraction and they made the secret base. I’ll have that story if you really look into it, her interview with Oprah that got all into that stuff. Reality kind of follow our expectations.

So if you expect, there’s something about angels and demons and you want to understand what is a demon? What is not a demon? What is an angel? What is not a demon angel? How do you work with these beings, protect yourself against them? Are they projections of your inner self? Are they shadows and light? Are they parasites? Are they just concept and form created by organizations to scare people and they’re not even real?

Channeling Thoughts Into Reality

Channeling Thoughts Into Reality

But can you channel your thought towards things that are not objectively true and have your expectations go in that direction even though there’s not truth, like the Flat Earth Society? Yes, and so then, we get into what happens when you don’t share consensus reality and so the flood of the society. I’m going to use a more extreme example. So then there’s a bit of this consensus reality and then on top of that is the more subjective reality that’s usually outside of this third dimension.

And what the scientific method is used for, where you have an idea, you test that idea, you confirm that idea is true or false, other people can do the same scientific method and very simple nutshell. Is if I say angels are X where she is Y and the whole world says oh that’s an interesting thought let’s either test it experimentally correct. Or compared to the ten thousand other people who have said that…

And so, ultimately, even if it might be very hard to get all one thousand people agreeing on purple or get all flattered with people on the same page, as everybody else or vice versa. Ultimately what matters is how do you use this stuff? How does it apply to you? How does it apply to life in general?

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