Beyond the veil of Maya, there is no form and all forms.

Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Devils, Oversouls, Souls, even many thoughtforms have an essence – but are beyond our third dimension.

Just like a 2D stick figure represents a very limited representation of the totality of a human being, a 3D image (sculpture, statue, paintings from many angles) only represents a small fraction of the totality of a divine being.

At 9D, All is All. You are God, God is all things, Goddess is all life and death, all names and places.

Our 3D Reality

But here in 3D, with – for most of us – only flashes of higher dimensions, our best efforts to see, feel and describe divine beings is limited.

Like all abilities, you can grow this with training.

Like all skills, you can approach mastery more slowly or rapidly.

Environment, teachers, health and practice can take you down the continuum of strengthening your relationship with diety(s).

What’s the value of this, you may ask?


Approaching Mastery

Approaching Mastery

Imagine you are training as a gymnast. Would you rather have a coach with average abilities or one of the best coaches in the world?

Many things can build our intelligence. Analytical, musical, linguistic – tons of tools, methods, and techniques can accelerate your path to proficiency.

After proficiency comes fluency, and beyond that, elegance. Poetry. The grounds to birth an innovation that can help millions of people, who haven’t the knowledge, skills or abilities you can possess when you’re world-class.

Now imagine a greater level still. Who’s the smartest person in the world? The most gifted musician?

The most advanced spiritual being?

In an objectified, quantified and well-defined scale, there is always one “best in the world” human at anything (unless of course there’s a tie).

Learning from the Actual Masters

But what if you could be trained by a being who has existed for many more years than that human, who has access to and ability to influence reality through more dimensions?

Learning from the Actual Masters

You can influence physical reality (3D)* through your body. You can influence the Astral / Energetic dimension (4D) through your spirit or Astral body (to keep things simple – fundamentalists feel free to expand on this, please be nice).

You can influence causal/quantum/holographic reality through your soul or essence (5D).

A being who can literally create worlds has likely mastered 5D, and can be said to reside in 7D, the realm of the Divine.

This isn’t mythology. This is a practical perspective of reality that I believe will someday be demonstrated as fact, once we have the tools to show more of the “95% of reality that is dark matter and energy.”

Developing Relationship With a Divine Being

So how do you develop a relationship with a divine being? Receive support from the ultimate mentor, entrain with energies far more powerful than exist in many human settings, and deepen your understanding of reality?

This is already a pretty long post, so stay tuned for future updates on an upcoming free workshop, and please comment below if you’d like to stay informed.


Quick Technique to Develop Relationship With a Divine Being

Quick technique

Take this topic seriously. Think of one divine being you’d like to develop a relationship with.

Save their image, ideally a printed one on the wall of your bedroom – if not something more significant, like a work of art. Major boost if you create it.

Stare into the eyes. Talk to them as if they are a real being.

Pause. Open. Allow your intuition to reply.

Work in dissolving any ego blocks that get in the way. Again, this is a skill – persistence is more important than the results of an individual practice if you’re a beginner.


Stories about my experiences coming soon.


*(3D+ maps of dimensions are one optional perspective of reality for the simplicity of conversation. If you like my maps, they are explained more deeply in books 1-3 of Magic is Real. The first book can be found HERE.

Previews of upcoming books will appear on my Facebook page while longer sections will be shared on my Patreon page.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.


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