The higher your dimensional awareness, the greater your potential for Magical impact.

We are multidimensional beings.

Magic is viewed differently based on how open, experienced and Awake you are.

9D Systems in Magic

2D Magic: Symbolic-Representation. How “Lower” instructions empower you to connect with “Higher” realms. (Lower and higher are progress markers, not judgments).

High Magic is more efficient – especially for major changes – but until you have access to it, Lower and Intermediate Magics will be your most powerful because they will work for you.

It’s like gymnastics: A running jump could be “Lower,” a headstand could be “intermediate,” and a backflip could be “higher.” The same reference can apply here – both for what you know is possible today, and what will be possible with training.

3D Magic: Physical Time-Space. Psychology, Subconscious, Placebo, Autosuggestion. The material components of Crystals, Essential Oils, and Sound. Sacred Geometry as the bridge between dimensions, the structure of how energy organizes to form physical matter.

4D Magic: Energetic-Astral. Auras, chakras, meridians, souls as clusters of personalities and key memories from past lives. Intro level psychic abilities. Elemental Magic. Polarity, spirits, angels, elves, fairies, memory, third eye opening to see through time and space.

5D Magic: Causal-Karmic. Ripple effects, Rapid Manifestation, theory of Parallel Realities and Timelines. Agreements between souls for specific circumstances – and seeing how these circumstances serve your growth and were your conscious choice.

Wounds as gifts – and a faster way to heal trauma and repressed memories.

5D Magic is a very effective way of reducing suffering and enabling unconditional and unlimited forgiveness.

9D Systems in Magic

6D Magic: Blessed Demi-God (dess). The science of Blessing, and how it differs from Energy. 

Clearer maps of multiple realities and timelines and how to access them; simultaneous bodies and minds as your consciousness can travel between for rapid shifts in physical form, personality or circumstances. Ascension.

7D Magic: Divine Magic. Interacting With, Requesting From, and (re)Becoming Divinity. Invocation, Evocation, “I AM”.

Embodied and simultaneous awareness of multiple lifetimes with present-tense awareness.

8D Magic: Perceptions of Unity. Intro to nonduality.

Everything, Nothing, Alpha, Omega. All and Void. White holes that provide matter and black holes that absorb it.

A shift from “Creating” or ”Changing” to seeing your desire as existing in an infinite multiverse of all simultaneous possibilities, and seeing your intent as already present, then shifting your consciousness to a point of knowing and experiencing rapid manifestation.

9D Magic: Unity: From the Unity Point of all things, this level is simultaneously 1D Magic. At the moment of Unity, your intent simply is. There is no striving, no effort. Often, most lower work is in preparation for a single sliver of time, a specific instant where, like a light switch, you go from un-manifested to manifested.

This system is discussed more deeply in my book, Magic is Real.

I hope you enjoyed this topic.

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I believe in you.

We are one.

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