Every image that you can imagine is here deep inside this realm… Deep inside this space. And with your eyes closed, deeply focused in this space, in this astral dimension, the level of your creation, see what it wants to show you.

Opening a Portal

And in front of you, imagine a portal opening: a large oval expanding, light in the center. And as I offer visual cues, go with your truth, allow them to transform or let me guide you, we have different levels of ability. And all those abilities are increasing at this moment and will be greatly increased through the end of this workshop and after.

So, as you look into this portal, with that consciousness, that Pineal Gland projecting, creating this visual playland, this reality around you, see and feel what is there. What exists? Possibly see a field of grass through this portal. Possibly see a portal coming closer to you if you have not yet walked closer to it. And as you pass a threshold, it compasses and closes. And now you’re in it, an entire hologram created by your Pineal Gland, by you.

Third Eye Opening

You see this sky of blue and sheets of purple waving through it in large sections of color. You see birds of fire of blue and orange and green and pink. Every hue imaginable from the ground erupts silver droplets. And the silver showers up into the sky. And dawn upon you. And as you hold up your hand in this place, and your arm, it may be yours and maybe the paws of a lion. It may be white or brown or tan. It may be purple or transparent.

And you see the silver like mercury over your head. And as you focus on your index finger, and your hand as a whole, you see in that hand, the Eye of Horus at the image with which you’ve recently become so familiar. And you stare at that, at the center of that eye and you can do this in physical space.

Analysis of Pineal Gland Projections

Hold your hand up. Also in this dimension, in front of your eyes, just slightly above them and allow your physical eye to focus in and up. And as you’re focusing in this space, behind your eyebrows and simultaneously viewing the Eye of Horus on your hand, you realized that you can see in two places at once. You can switch very quickly between your hand inside your brain and have a greater awareness of the surrounding hologram.

And with your eyes closed, seeing the large hologram, the large forest, seeing your hand, seeing your inner eye, stepping back, seeing yourself in the physical world, you realize that in addition to seeing in more than one space at a time, you exist in more than one space at a time. And just contemplate this. You have a body of physical form and you have a body imagined.

A Step Further

And if you take a step even further backward, astrally, dimensionally, you will see that you who are The Observer is something else than just the one in the chair and the one you’re visualizing. So just when as have multiple bodies, you have a variation of depth. The most superficial experience is your body in the realm. The next level deeper is your imagination or the transmission of you and what we can call the astral for now, space where you have a hand and it’s your imagination but the foremost more solid. And now we have an awareness of you, The Observer, independent of these two planes. What is that mean?

Opening a Portal

And let’s take those two planes as screens. And just as you have a computer and you’re swiping through windows, one for your browser, one for your notes, one for a music player, perhaps. You see the window of you in the physical space. You see the window of you in the astral space with the forest

And what do you see as an Observer?

Is there a third window?

Or a window encompassing them all?

What about a planet to add a dimension of physicality?

So, you see we’re getting more dimensions of space, more dimensions of awareness. Is there something observing you?

Could you be a cell in the body of a greater body?

Just like the microbes of our intestines have their own awareness in the part of the greater collective. So, you see here the depth is not just your body, your mind, your awareness, the collective, the depth continues to infinity. And as you realize this, you’re able to perceive infinity.

I hope you liked this exercise and realize the greatness deep within you.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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