I help people develop your natural psychic abilities and policy excellent author channels. Many books teache clairvoyance, clairaudience. Words, synonyms, culture interpretations, translations.

If you want the true Bible, do you know Aramaic as well as you know the earliest people, or do you take the other stuff throughout the cultural perspectives. We’re in a world of vibration, we’re in a world of source and that vibration gets translated. Sometimes then, you could accurately say ego filter, you could say vocabulary.

Excellent Vocabulary

If you have a fourteen-year-old with you – an excellent vocabulary – words they haven’t even read, that’s channeling. If you have somebody who’s seventy, giving a great intellectual lecture that could be on mind or that could be channeled.

So it’s very interesting looking into this, but remembering that all is vibration, that this physical world is the grossest. The most dense, the most overt, the least subtle. So if you think about subtlety and flirting and if I look at you and I say hey you want to sleep together? That’s not very subtle.

But if I look at you and give you a look that’s a little bit more subtle, more subtle still is a bit of vibration. Where are you picking up? You don’t even see me across the room you think I might be flirting with you and this could go for any… Any person, any scenario. So how high up do you go… That’s the dimensional model.

Is Language the Truth?

Language and Psychic Abilities

And so if you want truth, realize that language is only one sphere of truth and it can only represent. So all the people who talk about how enlightenment, Nirvana, Samadhi, Satori are indescribable it’s because the words of language fail to capture the essence of the whole.

And now a good way to again tap into this is to try and meditate, try and feel, try if you feel something in your body. Just take the time to experiment with what it’s like to draw your attention to that place and just play around and things like this. When you’re here, astral projection, think about what is it like, if I try and move my mind right now to a different city. Or near my mother, or near somebody else in the world – how would that feel like, if I try doing that?

Just practicing these things and slowly inching our way forward to broader psychic abilities.

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