For those that don’t know, David has a background in teaching, learning and especially in Magic. “Magic is Real”. It is pushes out content that people enjoy and that they find to be a little bit serial, mystical, spiritual. Things that are definitely not like you said the… “the suits”… The dark-colored suits with ties but more so, these colors and why they access us to these different dimensions of reality that we may not be tuned to all the time.

Actually, maybe this is important now since we’re already here. But the idea that what we think is a direct part of how we experience life. So, for example, having this super-rational logical mind all the time versus having the super emotional and feeling vulnerable mind all the time, is there a way to balance those out?

I think you know, for each of us it’s different. Like it depends where we’re coming from and there’s nothing wrong with wearing suits and dressing in black and being monochromatic I mean it can work very, very well in certain contexts just for the energetic anchor that I personally use that I personally like. I find that a lot of times, there’s anchors of consciousness for who and what we are and what we want to be.

Is Life an Astral Projection?

What is Life

If you think about what is a life, what is our life we could have our intent what we design, what we wish something to be and then flow what we feel is true for us so intent is more of; I’m going to decide what my purpose is and a schedule up my day, I’m going to get these things done, I’m going to… you know to wear this specific type of bracelet that works with personality integration… Integration of past parallel simultaneous lives. An astral projection wearing this has an effect that also is a reminder for me to keep my consciousness on those topics because I find they’re very useful for what I’m doing right now.

And you’re wearing something that reminds you to tune into your past, present and future lives, as well as astral projection. Now, most people obviously don’t think about those things. So can you unpack that for us? What do you mean by past, present, future lives in a stupor gesture?

What are Past, Present, and Future?

The short answer is in 3D, linear, regular, every day; time-space reality, time kind of goes like this: past is over here, future’s over here and we’re right here in the now. But if you think about reality, as a whole, a lot of the spiritual teachers and leaders, a lot of the great ones; say there is only now and time isn’t like this, which is horizontal. Time is like this, which is vertical. So it really depends on the orientation that you want to have. If you think, oh you have a past life that was a genius scientist or a rock guy or a fashionista or a really fit or really inspiring or a great romantic, and you want to tap into that past life or tapped into it for some other reason.

Past, Present, Future

Maybe to heal the wound affects your personality in a certain way then it’s much easier to think of life and lifetimes. Not just you knowing, oh maybe 3000 years ago I had this incarnation in ancient Egypt. I have to get a hold of that name and that identity realizing that it’s all now. If you go 9th-dimensional unity, where everything is one in the system of magic.

Here we got to break down a little bit more because this is again, we got a… Let’s start unpacking more. So this directly relates to reincarnation then, do that and then we got a ninth dimension, then, we have reincarnation.  So let’s do those for sure.

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