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Opening Your Art Channel

It’s easy to create a Work of Art if you’re connected to spirit, a muse not limited by space and time, with access to all the thoughts and knowledge of humankind. You can open, and allow the beauty of vibration to flow through you into the physical manifestation of sound, form, color, and experience.

For most of human history, Artists have served this role. Most Artists (creators, not craftspeople who repeated patterns) experienced Channeling art.

Opening Your Art Channel

One difference between Art and Design is intent:

Art flows through your heart.

Design is generated from your head.

Synonyms get tricky when we see Channeled designs, not orchestrated patterns based on industry principles like the Golden Ratio (which can absolutely appear as designed beauty).

Reproduced Art

Reproduced Art

For the purposes of this text, which is Channeled is called “Art,” and that which comes from the mind and thought is often called “Reproduced Design” or “Reproduced craft.” Many designers and other beings may take issue with this; the word “Reproduced” is meant to indicate the between from-head and through-heart.

Acting from the heart – allowing information to flow from you into the material world of form – is a type of flow. It’s seen in Martial Arts as well as visual and performing arts, and is beautifully portrayed when Star Lord finally allows the divine energies to flow through him in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 after Yondu’s mentoring.

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