This is a Foundational Magical Exercise. What matters here is not the specific intention (directing the wind), but the foundational skills you will build by practicing this. When you succeed, the insanely inspiring reality that you can control the wind will drive your study forward.

As with any new skill, I recommend serious effort and patience. Less than 2 hours is not sufficient; if you are dedicated, invest at least 3. That does not include any of the time invested in preparation, which could be as many as 300 hours if you have never found consistent success in a meditation technique. This larger amount of time, will, of course, give you innumerable other benefits, like all the cognitive and psychological benefits of consistent meditation.

That being said, I was successful on my first attempt in a 20-minute time chunk, and am successful every time I put sincere effort into the practice. But of course, if it didn’t work for me after all my years of study and practice, I wouldn’t be a very credible teacher, and it would be unethical to give instructions for anything I haven’t achieved multiple times myself.


1. Wind

2. Clear view of an object that is moveable in the wind, like a flag or plant. Be careful with plants in that they must not be very biased; a weeping willow, or tree with very flexible branches pointing straight up, is best.

3. 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time. (Eventually, you’ll just need 2-5 minutes. Just like when learning calculus, new abilities take time to discover and troubleshoot before you can use them efficiently.

4. A peaceful location. Ideally, solitude with a harmonious ambiance.



A) Meditate in your favorite style for ~10 minutes. Rhythmic breathing, visualization, mantras – it doesn’t matter. Just get in a state where your awareness is sharpened and distracting thoughts cease to capture your attention for more than a fraction of a second. Adjust the time here based on how long this takes to achieve.

B) Note the current direction an intensity of the wind. Write out, vertically, on paper or a notes app, the directions in which you intend to shift the wind. I recommend a maximum of 7 shifts that include a mixture of left, right, forward and back. This is for the purpose of scientific observation and evaluation. Leave 2 lines of room for results between each number, like so:

1. Left

2. Right

3. Forward

You can also use directions like north and south, if those correspondences have significant meaning to you.

C) Achieve a state of total detachment. The more you want this to happen and work, the harder it will be. That’s because, based on the very significant and very real Law of Attraction, wanting indicates both attachment to a specific outcome and the presence of negative emotion tied to the fear you will fail. If this is present in your system to any degree, your activity will be compromised. If it is dominant, your subconscious (or even conscious) fears may sabotage your efforts. However, if that’s the case, you can use this exercise as an opportunity to notice your attachments and desires to be a Badass at Magic, and do some spiritual growth work on that, which takes infinitely more precedence than the trick of moving the wind.

D) Recall everything you know about the universe that affirms:

1. Physical reality can be reduced to energy (E = MC^2)

2. Matter is made up quarks which have probabilities that change based on observation and expectation

3. Strings of probability influence the movement of these basic building blocks of matter

4. As observation and expectation (combined with emotion, the bridge between the immaterial and material) affect matter at a quantum level, and direct probability, your deep expectation (including that of success or failure) along with your ability to visualize a desired outcome are CRITICAL.

5. If you had any difficulty with any of the above, watch The Template: Ceremony of Original Innocence and consider reading the book E-Squared by Pam Grout, along with The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, and any of the Spirit Science videos that inspire you, especially this one. If you can’t yet see energy, Teal Swan has a great video on the topic.

You’ll also need to purify and strengthen your Pineal Gland – I have an upcoming chapter on this, and there is consistent information in abundance on YouTube. However, this exercise will help you develop that sense, even if you only use your imagination at first.


I) See and feel the grid of probability around you. See it surrounding your target (flag, plant or similar object). See it surrounding a sphere that encompasses as large an area as you can consistently visualize. I use a sphere about 1500 ft in diameter, as I feel it is the maximum beneficial amount for this exercise.*

*(Auras technically go on forever, but we’re using the standard definition. Intensely strong, long-lasting gusts of wind will of course require different instructions, and a larger diameter.)

II) Connect with the grid. I see it (third eye) as white, yellow harmonious, purposeful. If the wind is currently blowing, the grid will be stretched in three dimensions to follow the direction of the wind. Center the grid on your target, and be aware of it in all surrounding directions, including behind you, above and below.

III) Move your body, specifically your hands, in the direction you wish the grid to shift. It’s always best to use “still” as a neutral point. If the target is blowing left and you want it to blow right, use the “Carry Tiger to Mountain” tai chi movement where your arms are out with palms above your shoulders, facing down, slowly lowering.


Breathe with the movement, which should be slow and purposeful. As you move, visualize the grid shifting.

The more your fingers tingle, the more power you are directing. If your fingers don’t tingle at all, that’s fine – but this is a *very* helpful indicator, because it’s real-time feedback related to the intentional application of your Will.

III) Patiently continue the motion, intention, and visualization of your success. I recommend up to 10 repetitions. No more, because we are working on effectiveness. If you really feel like you need to do more than 10, likely you are either doubting your abilities, or using this exercise to develop internal awareness and concentration – which is fine, just a different purpose which will have a different (short term) result.

IV) Remain detached, and patient. Based on your power, concentration, focus, harmony, and the collective consciousness around you, the shift could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Do *not* change directions, give up, make excuses, or otherwise release your purpose until you have succeeded or decided to end the exercise.

If you end, you can of course restart.


Q: What role do emotions play?

A: The best emotional state is one of detached stillness. The third best is relaxed joy. Once you attain mastery, and flow with the wind as a trained dancer, you may feel a state of harmonious happiness, joy, thrill, pleasure and challenge. This is akin to the dominance, purification, surrender, rebuilding and union with the Emotional Body that occurs in many Enlightenment paths.


Q: How long does it take you?

A: As of this writing, I do a 30-60 second warm up, and 3-5 motions, and on average, see a shift within 60-75 seconds. I am also able to do one single, highly focused motion with just my hands, and several minutes later see the shift.

Q: How much do body motions matter?

A: Only so much as you feel they’re necessary to assist your consciousness. This is true for any Magical prop – incense, candles, full moons, herbs, athames, sacred geometry, etc. Basically, do as your chosen teacher instructs. When you have achieved proficiency, experiment with understanding how the prop influences your expectation, then, ideally, lower the use and involvement of the prop.

This is true for power objects, as well. Once you learn how to build your own power and frequency, the “crutch” they provide will be less needed (for the same task; if a seriously legit power object they may be able to amplify you to the next stage of complexity).

Q: This and other magics often work when I practice them alone, but fail when others are watching. What gives?

A: Possibility 1: The fear of judgment of others, and related fears, affect your emotions, expectation, and focus, which in turn impair your ability.

Possibility 2: Druid Physicist Isaac Bonewitts discussed “catapsi.” Just as a Cathode and Anode carry opposing electrical charges, a skeptic with sufficient power (even if they are unconscious of it) can generate enough catapsi to counteract your psi, the “stuff of Magic.”

Possibility 3: The collective consciousness (expectation) of others affects your shared reality, based on the balance of power between “them” and “you.” The more you level up in power and ability to shift into unity, the less this matters.

Any combination of the above, plus addition of many minor factors, can play a role, as well.

And of course, multiple people working together on a common goal are significantly more powerful, and thus way more likely to be successful.


I hope this exercise, and the above resources, were helpful for you! Like many Mystery texts, there is more to this chapter than meets the eye. Now that you have the gestalt, read it thrice again, looking for hidden meanings. Every word matters. The text was 90% channeled (my ego took a seat as editor for social conventions of grammar) and honestly this text is 30% optimal. If you know a good animator, or can provide funding for one, that’ll boost this magical instruction by a massive amount!

Please share your comments, questions, and success stories!

Wishing you joy, success, love, and Magic!

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