If you want to start achieving your objectives that most people in the physical world rely on through consciousness, start small.

Focus deeply and intently on the vibrations. 

If you have the energy and the time, you can replicate the effects of virtually any compound you’ve experienced to a sufficient degree. 

This depends on your focus, conviction, and willingness to accept you may fail. Like any skill, this takes practice. If you want to learn the meta abilities that underlie all physical substances, including food, you may wish to consider signing up for a breatharian initiation workshop at RayMaor.com

It’s an intense process that isn’t for everyone (especially if your health is sensitive), but even if you don’t follow the 4-day dry fast or other protocols religiously, the content is fabulous. It overlaps with much of mine, though what Ray provides which I do not yet as of this writing is an excellent container, with the support of a large group of fellow practitioners, all shifting their diets simultaneously.

Vibratory Signature

Vibratory Signature

Everything you do, all the vibrations have a vibratory signature. Joy does, spinach does. Scorpion does.

And at the highest levels, while everything is one, and there is no distinction in Unity between a Scorpion and Lady Gaga, on all the other dimensions of reality, they are different things. And until the fabulous Mz Gaga knows herself fully as Goddess, she may, if circumstances allow, seek medicine in the proper preparation to treat an injured hip… as may we all.

Until you can prove you can drive safely alone, it’s wise to have an instructor.

Until you can do backflips flawlessly, it’s good to have safety mats.

And no matter how exciting any skill is, always remember that skill development – like power development – is a continuum.



So, how does this help you levitate cats?!

It saves you a whole bunch of time, that’s how.

It saves you the time and effort of studying multiple Magical systems and trying to get too caught up in measuring the intensity of emotions. Calibrating them (or love) is great, as you remember that even emotions – even love – is just a stepping stone to achieve the conviction of applying your full divine power.

Emotions are embodied. You have a body. To include the fullness of your being means to include your emotions, body, mind, and spirit in a Magical Act. Once your spirit/soul is fully embodied, and you have achieved oneness with your physical, mental and emotional bodies, the process of building and applying will (spiritual), passion (emotional) and understanding (mental) simultaneously will flow more effortlessly.

Just like a well-practiced backflip.

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