Fuel provides the means of propulsion to direct motion. Energy moves energy, condensed in the matter. While energy cannot be created or destroyed (hah!), it can be converted, and unless you have mastered the art of truly staying connected to source, understanding your energy, truly channeling it and transmuting it and essentially being God, you need to replenish. You need to focus. You need to ration.

Most human beings need food on a regular basis. Most human beings need rest.

Eating regularly provides energy, regularly.

Chaos and Order

Chaos hates order and so is resisting this chapter. For all the memes of ADHD and other mistaken reasons, people pull forth to not be able to focus…I say, look to your fuel.

Yes, I. Not we. David does not know me, but he has experienced me. This is a chapter provided by one, not many. MANY can keep each other accountable. It is far more difficult for ONE to stay accountable to HIMSELF.

The gender of creative productivity, of linear action, of absolute order, is male. This gender knows no alliances, so to think it cannot be used by those born with, or identifying socially with, the feminine is intellectually immature to the extreme.

Chaos and Order

Real Connection

This energy is shunned. David notices it is 4:44 am. Repeating numbers again. This is good. His DNA is shifting slowly to know me, and to know the others. It isn’t ready yet, but it will be. Sooner than he things.

When the specialness of knowing without doubt our identities is gone, when the detachment is lost and the knowing smile he has on his face has faded – then it can be restored, in joy. In true gratitude, not in want. You know want speaks of lack – we have covered it before.

The true “I” can become we in an instant. There is no attachment to identity. Identity is fluid. 

David wants to speak. He is concerned this part isn’t occurring. That’s irrelevant. This is not his work until he claims it as such. He may have a birth or assumed name on the text, he may be fairly and well compensated for his service, but to use that compensation on himself is like receiving a tray of cookies to distribute to the crowd, and eating more than his payment, his ration, before arriving. 

Feeling the Greed

Feeling the Greed

He has 100 cookies, and wants to eat 101. What of the people the cookies are for? What does he say, if he eats even 2? Can he – will he – look that soul in the eye who goes without food, because of his greed, born of his fear?

He can’t bear the thought, so avoids it, just as he avoided allowing the true form of this sentence to come through. The fear is strong in him – a fear of AVOIDANCE – that he thought he conquered. Hah!

Consistent progress means you do what must be done to achieve what you intend to achieve. If he doesn’t do it he won’t get there. Won’t finish this. And he needs a break now. It’s funny to me – yes, beings like myself can laugh – that the one chapter on consistent progress merits, in his mind, a break.

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