You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.


Power is faucet through which life flows forth.

Many of us mistake power for force. But this is not so. Power is the means through which action is accomplished. 

Power vs. Force

Power creates, destroys and transmutes by you allowing Source to flow through you, raw or harmonized to a specific frequency, like Earth, Air, Fire or water. 

Force commands. Force comes from a limited ego-mind, a Small Self that thinks she’s special, that believes he knows what he’s doing.

Force says “Make it happen.”

Power says “It shall happen. It is happening. It happened.”

Force has the quality of want.

Power has the quality of is.

Power can be raised, lowered, amplified, organized. At higher levels, power is sentient, as it is of Unity. Directed properly, it can move, create or destroy mountains.

Power organizes force.

That’s why, if you’re facing an 80-year old, 105-pound martial arts master, and you try to force him to step back, you’ll likely be on the receiving end of a maneuver that leaves you off balance if the master is kind, and looking foolish if he has a sense of humor.

If you want to excel at aerokinesis and control the direction of the wind, visibly confirming a Magical ability with observable, measurable phenomena, you can do this with force… and exhaust yourself.

Power of The Universe

Or you can open up to the power of the universe – to Shakti, Ether, Vibration of Truth – and allow the river of current to flow through you, moving the wind effortlessly with the unlimited Power of source. 

You have personal power, linked to your ego-mind. This can be used, and it will tire you.

Source has infinite power, linked to nothing but Universal Truth. As this Magical power carries the intelligence of Source, opening to it does require you open to, and harmonize with, Divine Will.

Power of The Universe

Embodying Power

Moving a mountain requires the Power of God.

If you fully realize yourself as an embodied God, moving a mountain is no trouble at all.

If you see yourself as the Small Self, to any degree, you may believe that a larger force outside of you – some divine entity or ascended master – is required to achieve the feat, to come in and help you.

While your metaphorical mountain (Massively Magical Manifestation) can be anything, the key is becoming one with divinity.

Asking permission of a being you believe to be outside of yourself will inevitably put you in a condition of dialogue, and perhaps of exchange. While it’s true that asking Ganesh to remove an obstacle is very efficient, becoming Ganesh and allowing the divine will to flow through you, obliterating the obstacle to the degree it’s karmically appropriate is true High Magick.

For clear illustrative purposes, let’s use some examples of Physical Magic. 


I’ve performed Aerokinesis, seeing the effect on flags and plants, feeling it as the direction and strength of the wind changes, based on my awareness, and skillful application of Power.

If you wish to push a cow, you can use force. If you are stronger than the cow, it will move. However, if you use Power, this can be easy. With intelligence, you can use leverage to amplify the mechanical energy of your own body, a large rock, and a piece of wood.

Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.


Power can direct multiple forces like the innate ability of your central nervous system to organize and coordinate the function of all your organs – for clarity I use “Power Component (PC)” to break down the different parts of power in a system. This is how you can understand how to create change in the material world from a subtle and causal level.

With greater awareness as a divine being, as you have read, it is not the cow that moves – it is you, that is also the cow. 

This high-level Siddhi, this ability unlocked with your Ascension, will come naturally at a certain point. 

Stages of Development

As a Magician, you recognize stages of your development, and until you are at the level of awareness where you can recognize your oneness with another thing and direct that thing with pure consciousness, understanding the components of an equation that helps you deconstruct something abstract and mysterious to many small things under your conscious dominion.

Just like breaking up a large goal into minor tasks, so too can you do this with your Magical training. It is also best to know the less efficient method, so as you are developing advanced skills, you know the paths from which you graduated, and from where you no longer need to focus.

So lament not, when you see yourself as a Smaller Self than Ganesh Incarnate. Just by considering the embodiment of this aspect of the divine, you are now one step closer to achieving Union effortlessly, continuously.

For most of you, this is a 0.2% increase. 

And until your divine embodiment becomes regular and consistent (in this life or the next), calling in Powers (Divine beings, etc) is a perfect stepping stone – a perfect permission slip – to prove to your ego that such feats are possible.

As one more Brick of the Temple is laid, the others may be placed atop it.

As your lesser Faiths are confirmed, the doors to greater Faiths unlock.

Until one day…


Becomes unnecessary.

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