The idea you’ve heard before: Affirmations, visualizations. This is one of the most powerful tools EVER. And yet, if I really did know how you spent your day, you are not using it correctly, if at all.

To have optimal success, a major success. If you really understood your thoughts are tangible things that manifest the universe, which listens to you 100% of the time. The problem is you jump around way too much and you don’t concentrate hard. You have to learn to use visualizations and affirmations. They’re just mandatory.

Principles of Affirmation

  1. They have to be in the present tense. You cannot say “someday I will quit smoking.” Someday never comes, and if it does you’re all too busy anyway.
  2. They have to be positive. You cannot say “I’m so fat, I gotta lose weight.”
  3. They have to be short.
  4. They have to be said with deep concentration and conviction. If you don’t believe it, keep going. Every single thing you can see on this planet has first been thought. The depth, conviction, and quality of the thought speed up how fast it manifests in your life.
  5. They have to be done regularly. You have to have consistency. What if you practiced martial arts once every 8 months, but you practiced really hard?

Class Exercise

Class Exercise

Close your eyes. Visualize a lemon. Now cut it in half. Bring that half to your mouth and squeeze. Now bite the lemon. Now open your eyes.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the room’s mouth was doing the same thing (mine was). You were all salivating and cringing. Your body produces saliva to counteract the citrus.

The universe reacts to your thoughts!

Visualization is seeing what you want. It takes a little bit more time and quiet.

You are a magnet, drawing things into your life. You have to do it; there’s no reason not to.

During all your off time, standing in line, waiting at a red light, etc. do them during these periods.

You should have at least 3-4 affirmations that you do regularly. Set them as part of your goals and use them until your goal is met. Get new ones for each goal.

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