Open your mind to the halls of memory. Recall a time where you felt challenged. Possibly depleted, stressed, without the support you desired.

At some point, a choice of how to react had to be made. First mentally, then verbally and physically.

Consider your inner worlds, at that moment. Consider not just what you chose to express, but how you went about making that choice.

Did you fully express your higher self, or did you allow the reactive response of your ego—possibly a response of fear, lack or anger?

Were you aware, in your moment of expression, that other options were available?

Did you choose, at that moment, to see yourself as a Lesser being not possessing of the strength to act as you knew you could act? Perhaps a reason or excuse was made, some justification to keep you where you were at, for that point in the river.

How did this choice affect you, and those around you, spiritually?

What would a higher choice have looked like? A choice aligned more with your highest, truest, best self? Did you really need more resources or support to act in this way? Or was that strength inside of you—and exists there still?

Pause now, and relive the memory. Experience the stimulus, and pause before allowing the response. In the private world of your inner mind, use your imagination to time travel and see the parallel world where you chose differently.

Embody both your past self and your highest self, and choose differently.

Rewrite time.

Rewrite history.


And breathe again.

Are you different? Have you changed?

Memory Ascension

While higher Magic is required to shift choices to affect the physical world in more dramatic ways—such as re-growing fingers—you might find now that you feel different. You might find that you feel stronger, more empowered, abler and ready to make the choice you wish you made next time a challenging stimulus comes around.

If you have done this faithfully, we offer you a Magical apprenticeship. Your assignment is simple: for thirty days starting now, practice at least 11 minutes of Zen meditation where you notice the pauses between your inhalations and exhalations.

After your meditation, repeat the above exercise. Give yourself ten minutes. Keep a log of your memory before, during and after the shift.

On day 31, record a video log of your progress: How easier it got, how your view of yourself has changed, and how your life as a whole has opened.

If you submit this video to us digitally with permission to share it and inspire other students, you will be engaged in a Karmic partnership where you receive the astral cords of sincere admiration, as your peers see you as strong, as vulnerable, as grown.

If you choose to keep this video to yourself, we offer you to watch it at least once per month, to remind yourself, to anchor yourself, in your freedom of choice.

Do or do not, and be at peace. We love you, all parts of you, unconditionally.

A disclaimer for Memory Magic. The above exercise is an introductory practice. As you ascend and rise in interdimensional capability, you may notice changes in your physical world— including the memories of other beings—with practices like this one.

Expect not, yet be prepared: Of the infinite timelines, infinite versions of your friends and acquaintances, all possibilities exist.

As you learn, integrate and apply all teachings of the Magic is Real series, you will have increased capacity for creating change.

Allow whatever is, to be. Force not. Accept. Surrender, and realize that Truth is a relative thing. While your practices to elevate yourself may enable you to see yourself as you wish to be seen, other beings may still see you as you “were.”

Whether you choose to edit your memories or practice Memory Ascension simply to remind yourself of your freedom to choose, know that your guides may allow others to see and express different memories of your Lower Self so as to test your patience and compassion.

And legally, of course, always examine the evidence. You could make a mental shift without making a physical one, and any statements you make should always coincide with Consensus Physical Reality in a formal setting, regardless of your memories of simultaneous, past or alternate selves, and your Truth as a soul in every Now.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Know that I am here for you as you practice and ascend to your truest and highest self.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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