Find one person you are close to, open with. Share this post with them, offering to co-create an experience where you two simply have uninterrupted eye contact.

Before beginning, clean your eyes, and find a comfortable posture. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Allow your face to relax; don’t seek to please or to obtain. You can hold a soft smile, or allow any emotions that naturally arise to express themselves. Just practice being with your partner. Not doing, just being.

This may be the richest connection you have all day.

Once you experience this connection—really a re-connection of our humanity, consider making it a daily practice. Bring it up with anyone who you feel would receive it with kindness. Like a perfect hug, this exercise is meant to be platonic, coming from alignment. It should not be used with any intention other than existing in the shared space of Love, of mutual human support.

Once you become proficient in feeling the energies of Love, you’ll see that eye contact is just another permission slip. You’ll realize that you can generate this feeling of Love at will.

Do so now. Offer it to someone you’ve been thinking about, regardless of how they have been treating you.

Next time you see one and can pause for 30 seconds, offer it to a plant. Offer it, without pause or condition, to a barking dog.

When walking around the neighborhood, if a dog is barking anxiously or angrily in a constant succession of yip, yip yip I simply smile and warmheartedly send her a nourishing stream of Love.

I envision cuddling her, stroking her head. Staring into her eyes, and seeing her calm down. And usually within seconds, she does.

You can practice sending Love to those you care about, and truly any being in your reality. A friend in need of support. A crying baby. Arguing strangers.

The love you generate through this exercise is meant to remind you of the richness of human connection, of seeing and being seen. A true love spell is about inreasing the amount of loving energy in the world – it isn’t about controlling people, which is unethical and truly never works. If you came to this post for that purpose, look within yourself for the inner child that feels s/he isn’t worthy of naturally occuring love. Forgive anybody that comes to mind when you search your past for the memories that may have created this belief.

What you focus on expands in your awareness. Focus on true, kind, genuine love. Offer it with no expectation. You’ll be surprised and delighted with how fulfilled you feel doing this even 3 minutes a day.

You may even wish to practice this with yourself, gazing into your own eyes in the mirror. This love spell exercise is especially helpful for restoring feelings of self worth, which is related to self respect, the psychological root of many types of eating disorders.

I hope you will feel unconditional love with this exercise.

I wish you everything you wish for yourself.

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I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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