Your Third Eye is your gateway to perceive the spirit world, see energy, and access past lives.

It is often synonymous with your Sixth Chakra, Eye of Horus, and Pineal Gland. If you learn better through conversation and private training, book a mentorship session.

Entire books have been written about this topic, and this blog post is meant to be an introduction and overview. If you would like guided exercises, mystical techniques and greater detail, enroll in Wizard School and you’ll have access to video lessons I channeled on this topic and much more metaphysical content.

Briefly, your third eye is what enables psychic abilities. Many people have had psychic experiences, but mastery-level psychics are rare.


A Mastery-Level Psychic is someone who can:

  1. Accurately and consistently obtain accurate information with nonphysical means
  2. Read into your soul and its karma, understanding the root cause of a specific circumstance or illness
  3. See your energy body, its blockages, and its strengths
  4. Access a past life of theirs or another being’s at will
  5. Commmunicate with spirits, angels and nonphysical entities

We all have these abilities. You have a third eye as surely as you have a stomach. And if you don’t have a stomach…well, then you still have a third eye 

Your energy body is carried with you between lifetimes. Learning how to open your third eye – and close it when the information feels like too much – is a skill most people build over time. Like any skill, it can increase, decrease, and be affected by your health and lifestyle.

Psychic Abilities and your Third Eye

“Psychic abilities” is simply a general word for a certain type of mystical skill. Like being able to sing or draw, this skill can vary in its expression. Just because you or someone you meet shows accurate psychic abilities doesn’t mean their perceptions are always accurate, and it’s usually good to get multiple opinions – along with including the logical facts of the material world.

Here are a few tips to open your third eye, and strengthen your body so your perceptions are clearer and more accurate:

  1. Have a stable psychology. This is the most critical, since perceiving details beyond this material world has led individuals with unstable mental health into psychosis. It may sound scary, and I’m not trying to discourage you – but if you have a history of drug habits, bipolar patterns, anxiety or schizophrenia, you may only want to do Third Eye Work with an experienced professional who cares about you and your health, and is a being of service, freely releasing any financial incentive to work with you if it becomes apparent that you need to pause in psychic development until you stabilize your psychology.
  2. Purify your pineal gland. There are many toxins in our modern world: heavy metals, fluoride in drinking water, and inflammatory substances like refined sugar and chemically treated, non-blessed meat. Doing simple things like taking Spirulina can have remarkable effects on healing your body in a gentle and natural pace. You can use sites like to see the peer-reviewed research on Spirulina and anything else you’re considering for your health. As always, this blog and Magical Golden Age isn’t giving health advice, just general information, and you’ll want to consult your healthcare provider before making any decisions about what to do with or put into your body 
  3. Balance your chakras. You want to be able to stay grounded, which means for every third eye meditation, vision quest and journey you do, you want to pay equal attention to your other chakras, particularly your Root Chakra to keep you anchored in healthy relationship with the material world (we did choose these bodies, after all) and your Throat Chakra so you can accurately perceive Truth.

Along with Wizard School, the book Magic is Real by yours truly, and the book Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza have many techniques to help you open your third eye, and understand how it works from a spiritual and neurological level.

If you’re going to learn how to do this, it’s important you do it properly with the right prerequisites. If I didn’t say that, I would be teaching irresponsibly.

Now, as to specifics: There is a guided meditation I channeled just for this purpose. When you enter your email to receive Magical Golden Age’s newsletter, the first email you get will be a guided meditation to connect with your Spirit Guide.

This meditation walks you through the steps of opening your third eye safely, and if you follow the instructions, you will notice your perceptions of the higher worlds.

May it serve you well – and may you see, feel and experience all you wish that serves your highest self!

It is an honor to serve you 

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

-David Solomon

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