Well, I said this in previous chapters, and I would encourage you (transcriber) to piece together parts for this chapter. I would say that…

You must understand that magic is something that happens all the time. Magic is something that doesn’t need your permission. It doesn’t need your intent. It doesn’t need your desire. Magic is all around us. Every time a baby is born. Every time a tree sprouts a flower. Magic is in the air. For you to “do magic”, all that means, is that you are playing a more intentional part in the aspect of continual creation. If you have an idea of something, you can take that thing to a visual, you can take that visual to a structure, and you can see how that structure would interact in the world around you. You find out ways to make that happen. And then it happens. And then other people see and confirm it. (1:49 – 1:51) ? meditation and hallucinations – then you just cast a spell, my darling. And a “spell” all I say is an action. You run down the block, you can say that’s the physical spell. It’s the spiritual spell we’re interested in. If you recite the alphabet, that’s a mental spell that you have memorized – and not a lot happens… if you go up to somebody, a total stranger, and look him in the eyes and say, “I believe in you” or “I love you” or “You are incredible” or “Your endeavors will succeed” or “Pay attention to that which you know you should” – that is a mental spell and you will likely be having an effect on their mind. Either they’re going to think you’re a weirdo, your words are going to hit home in some incredibly general way and they might think you’re psychic, or nothing will happen and the spell will have failed – which is completely okay.

There are very few things in the world, there are certain ways to get to a 100% success rate. Even with machines and computers, there are errors, there are bugs, there are failures – I want you to get used to casting spirit spells (i.e. – doing spiritual work with action, with an intent and a purpose and succeeding and failing). It’s only when fail when you see pain of not doing it right, and pain is one of our greatest motivators. Pain hurts and it’s fucking annoying. When you experience pain, you don’t want it anymore, and you find ways to not experience it. If you were to try to cast a spell, and your results failed, and you have done the courage step, you will try again. You fell off the horse seven times and got up eight – are you learning magic or not? Now, those of you who stop are getting lost in the dip of seeing it as unworthy of your time and energy to continue. Seth Godin wrote this book called The Dip about the amount of energy it takes to succeed and overcome certain obstacles, and I think The Dip is fucking incredible, I think you should read it. It’s a very short read and it’s fabulous – and essentially, it’s great things take great amounts of difficulty. But the difficulty is often less than what we perceive it to be, and often we push through the difficulty, and are done with the hardest part at a moment of surprise. It’s when we push forward with abandon, it’s when we stretch. If every single exercise in this book were easy for you, you would be an Arch Wizard already. But it isn’t and, likely, you’re not. But you can be. I know I am. And I know my practice grows every day – even though I’ve hit the level of manifestation that I’ve hit. I’ve manifested a published book. I’ve manifested an incredible partner. I’ve manifested over $1 million dollars in investment. I’ve manifested building a multi-million dollar company … ? (5:24). I’ve manifested moving to the dream part of the world where I knew I wanted to live. I manifested knowing where I should be next, which is in parts of LA. I’ve manifested finding real magic in the world. I’ve manifested a lot.

Now you can say, “David, why don’t you live in a fancier castle?” “David, why don’t you have a billion hundred trillion dollars?” Well, I’ll explain those to you when I talk about manifesting, which will come up next (at least next in the recording).

What to expect is one step more mystical than your life currently is. That’s a realistic expectation. If you seriously put in hard work and study mystical text and try and want to, and know it’s possible and get over doubt (Note to transcriber – reminder author about getting over fear, doubt and uncertainty – pretty sure created author created a lot of content about that somewhere in his body of technical work – videos, writings or recordings – haven’t? there’s a lot of things to that – fucking do it is the best solution).

How can you get over fear, doubt and uncertainty? You just let it go. You just take it for granted as if it’s possible. If you know of any ways to temporarily make your rational, critical mind take a break – we can indulge in those. The recommendation I can put in here is any legal plant medicine under the supervision of a qualified expert and, of course, your doctor ;-). Why the “winky face”? Because not all doctors are qualified in spiritual matters and not all doctors are humble enough to take in information. Not all doctors have the time or, frankly, the interest in you as an individual. Yet words of caution, if you use substances that can be a very slippery slope and I recommend against it. It’ll be a longer road but it’ll be a more stable road. However, you’re your own person, you know what has worked for you. So ultimately this is something that you personalize, with your own judgement and awareness of consequences. Now speaking of consequences….

What is the next thing? The next thing is consequences. Know the consequences of your actions. Actually ponder these. If your spell comes true, what would it be like? What would it be like for you? What would it be like for the people in your life? What would it be like for the world? Now if you’re trying to cast a spell where a hoard of demons erupts from the pit of the earth, flies around and starts eating people, I got news for ya. A) That’s out of your league. B) That’s not possible in this world.* C) I don’t want things like that to happen, and I am more powerful than you – and if I catch wind of you doing it, which I will because I’m more powerful than you and I’m growing my power all the time, I will stop you. So, other readers who aren’t thinking of demons coming out – don’t worry, you’re safe – I’ll protect you.

Now, more realistically, or more nicely, you could think of angels flying around. That, too, is probably one step above your current reality. If not, you might be schizophrenic. Call your doctor. I want you to fathom life one bit better. One bit better is there is likely something that you find out of your range of affordability or what you envision to be possible, and I want you to get that. I want you to see yourself getting it. I want you to close your eyes right now, right after reading this, and visualize this thing happening. Maybe it’s a new car. Maybe it’s a new job.  The main thing is this thing should not depend on the violation of the free will of any specific person. If you’re looking for a partner, great. You can absolutely manifest a partner. And dare I say a perfect partner, although affection, I think, is a bit of a delusion and it’s better to just realize you have some … ? (11:40) and if they’re not a 6 ft. tall billionaire (11:59) ?

What’s realistic is, you overcome a block of confidence. That is a slight step up. So, set realistic expectations, understand the consequences, and feel those in your life. Fully feel what it would be like to have that new car. To be of that new body type. To have the money. To have the job. To have the happiness. And understand that manifesting happens on all levels of reality. Manifesting is something that wasn’t just one space, one time, one place, one mind. It’s seeing the material plane that already exists in the astro and cosmo planes – ? (13:24 – 13:27)

*Add link about transporting your consciousness to other realities.

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