Miraculous Healing: A Real Story

Miraculous Healing: A Real Story

This is one of the most important Magical events of my life: a miraculous healing. “The healer must be well grounded and able to be present and clear in all four dimensions of being at once: the physical, human energy field, Hara, and core essence dimensions.”Barbara...
Share your story: Miracles, Synchronicities and Real Magic

Share your story: Miracles, Synchronicities and Real Magic

Your story matters. If you want the world to know about a powerful spiritual experience you had, please contact me with a short summary and I will happily consider it for book 5 of the Magic is Real series! Guidelines: •If you like and Amazon allows, I would love...


I’m here to talk about one of the most important Siddhis in my life. This city I am speaking of from a higher energy state, because I’m using a different technique to record, I’m using ways to manage my own energy and raise it up on this marathon. This is a statement...

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Learn psychic abilities, Money Magic, energy healing, astral projection, manifestation and alchemy.

This is the Science of Applied Consciousness. Studies, data and validation mixed with a mystery school that finally makes sense.

You can heal. You can grow. You can progress on the path to make your ideal life a reality.

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