Free will.

What is it? Is it real or just a mere illusion?

How does it make sense with angels and demons that were said to have no free will, thus be able to be commanded?

How do emotional reactivity, enlightenment and Magic tie into all that stuff?

What Really is Free Will?

We’d like to think we’ve claimed free will. With everything that we do, we’d like to think that we are consciously-aware of our intentions: of the energy that comes in and the energy of action, thought, word, deed that goes out. But for many of us do an automatic reaction. For example: if you stub your toe, if somebody punches you, if something happens in life that’s unexpected that is possibly stressful, you will probably react.

Now, is that reaction a byproduct of automatic programming? Or is it free will?

For most of us, whenever we experience pain that’s sudden and surprising, we go “ouch.” Now, if we don’t intend and decide to go “ouch”, is that free will? Or is that a script, a program, or something that is automatic? I use that of course as a larger metaphor for the world.

What is Free Will

We want to be successful in what we are doing. We want to be clear in our intentions. We want to respond, love, grow, and learn in a certain way. So, why not intend, design and execute that? But we often betray ourselves. We might hold ourselves back, say things we didn’t want to say or act in ways that may not have been aligned to our highest and truest self. Maybe we’re tired. Who knows?

In those instances, you could say that you are a prisoner or a slave to your circumstances if you really feel that it is true. Maybe you feel you lack will power. Or there’s a reason or justification for acting out of your highest alignment or acting out of your highest self.

How Do We Claim Free Will?

In enlightenment traditions, one thing that is often said or observed is to shift away from emotional reactivity. That is, to be in the stillness of the here and now and to restraint your thoughts from going to the future and projecting worrying or from going to the past and fixating on those events and re-feeling, reliving those emotions.

Whether it is a triumph or a trauma, you have to be centered and grounded in the moment.

If you have that definition of just very basic of enlightenment, then you’re generally in control of your actions.

But then something comes up to test your enlightenment. It may be a life challenge or something really powerful or really strong in life like a temptation or a feeling of excitement.

There you would find yourself acting automatically based on your scripts.

Writing Our Own Scripts

Consider this, do we write our own script?

How to Reclaim Free Will

If we don’t have the perfect mindfulness over every thought, biological process to an extreme, action and word and in reaction to people, does that mean we set up the scripts? Does that equal to free will as something that we design ourselves and clear limiting beliefs?

Justin Faerman and Jackie Knechtel excellently teach the same in their Flow Mastery Courses. If you have limited belief: you’re not good enough, you’re not lovable, you maybe not or not deserving, and maybe you’re not worthy. All sorts of programming that is related to that.

You may not believe in your success or the actions to carry you forward. And by being aware of in-releasing those limiting beliefs and whatever techniques you use, you can be freer to act how you want, have the emotional experience that you want and magically, spiritually, manifest to create the reality that you want.

As always, this is just one offering of one truth. As ultimate creator of your reality, you decide what to believe, you decide what your reality is, and you decide who to expect and who to see as legitimate.

Whatever you believe it to be in the spectrum, I hope it really served you well.

Thank you so much for showing up in this world.

I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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