Consider 5 things that you believe will occur within the next week, and five things that have a high probability of successfully occurring. Let’s ignore, for now, the bizarre circumstances of spontaneous combustion and explosions. Let’s exist in the regular world, with things occurring as they normally do.

Pick things that you assess the probability at greater than 84%.

Write them each down, summarized in one sentence. Write out the level of likelihood they have of occurring as you describe them.

Pick items that have a clear “yes or no.” If there were several conditions, use a probability for each. It’s better to have 5 things as general “yes” or “no” options than get into so much detail that you have 20 sub-probabilities for each item. Let’s keep it simple and avoid overthinking.

Set a reminder to return to this exercise in a week, and review your list.

Now do the same with 5 things you believe might occur, i.e. a probability of 65-83%.

Repeat this for 5 things that could occur, at 37-64%.

Lastly, write 5 things that probably won’t occur, at less than 37%.

Take your list of 20 items. Have it clean and clear, like: WILL HAPPEN

I will get paid on time: 97%

I will sleep at least 6 nights this week: 93% (Etc.)


I might experience at least three moments when I feel happy enough to smile spontaneously: 81%

Something will make me laugh unexpectedly: 67%

I might feel motivated to start a new project (72%) (Etc.)


Maintaining Faith Exercise

I could be disciplined enough to maintain my convictions for a new habit, and perform it exactly as intended with the focus, duration and depth as designed (50%)

I could receive a call from a friend inviting me to a type of event I’ve wanted to go to (43%) (Etc.)


I probably won’t materialize a cat, levitate it, and make it fart sprinkles (2%)

I probably won’t start and finish writing that book I’ve always wanted to write, in the span of 10 days. (7%) (Etc.)

Consider this list, and consider your belief in yourself for each line item. Did giving a grounded appraisal for each item inspire you to consider the variables which could raise the probability?

Did you have faith in yourself that you could change your life circumstances, and do things that would inspire more friends to call, or more elements to support you being in total and perfect flow for that book to get written?

Since Manifestation is related to altering probabilities, are you starting to see how your ability to manifest depends on your faith in yourself, and the conditions you believe must be necessary to elevate that faith?

What if, for example, none of the conditions for you writing that book were met—but you had total, complete, 100% faith in yourself? Would the conditions matter less?

As you review your list, save the following instructions and reevaluate everything in one week:

Write a “Yes” on the side of everything that happened according to your prediction (reversed for the “won’t happen) and a “No” for the opposite.

Dealing with Failing

Then, answer each of these with a journal entry:

Consider deeply your No-s. How did they make you feel? Did they raise or lower your faith in yourself? Consider deeply your Yes-es. Did they strengthen your faith in some way? Yourself, other people, divine providence?

Was there any item that was a “Yes” and, instead of raising your faith, you attributed it to luck or circumstance?

§By doing this experiment, and considering each item, you will learn how, at an intimate level, faith operates in your system. You may discover subtle beliefs, patterns and thoughts behind your faith, what lowers it and what raises it.

With this and any other exercise, what you receive is proportional what you invest.

I hope you enjoy this exercise.


I love you.

I believe in you.

We are one.

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