A strong willpower helps you stay on course with your intent.

Have you decided to not eat processed sugar, but are tempted by it based on your surroundings?

The strength of your willpower is what determines how much effort it takes to overcome the temptation of a desire and stay on track for your intended course of action.

In Magical practices—specifically manifestation—a strong will helps your mind focus on the goal, and your actions necessary to achieve it.

What is the Lack of Willpower?

What Buddhists call the Monkey Mind and some in the west call “symptoms of ADHD” is in many ways a lack of will to discipline the mind and keep it focused. This is different from anxiety, which prevents the mind from staying calm.

Many neurological, environmental and biochemical factors can change affect the balance of the brain and mind. While medical data, nutritional reviews, and healing of emotional blocks can yield significant benefit, one way to strengthen your will without any of those things is the practice of Zen meditation.

Specifically, this means a practice where you are completely still in body and mind.

Meditation to Increase the Willpower

Meditation to Increase the Willpower

Any time you feel a compulsion to shift from stillness, bring your attention back to a predetermined point.

For example: Sit with your back straight in a peaceful environment. Focus on breathing deep from your belly. Choose an amount of time, like 20 minutes, for your meditation. If needed, also add a warm-up time where you transition from previous activities, perform breathing exercises and prepare for meditation.

During your session, use your will to resist the urge to move, stretch, or scratch an itch.

If you feel any desires or compulsions to act, use your phone, follow a train of thought, or shift your meditation style, honor those desires by being kind to yourself…and again, bring your attention back to the breath.

Visually, focus on your third eye, or a point in space three inches in front of it.

Willpower Meditation Tips

Physically, if your body persists in asking for attention, you can focus on a specific and consistent physical thing, like a dot on paper, or how your belly feels as you breathe deeply in, and out.

Focusing on the dot will help you empty your mind. Focusing on your belly will raise awareness of, and connection to, your body. If you have trouble paying attention, go with the dot. If you have trouble relaxing, focus on your belly.

Infinite variations can exist and you can make a case for reversing these instructions, but especially if you are a beginner in meditation, fewer options are best. Once you are in the habit of daily practice and notice the benefits, you can expand your knowledge and technique.

Increasing Will Power

Sometimes the desire to change technique is simply a manifestation of a grasping mind. Let’s face it—the desire to optimize can be everywhere. It’s like any other desire… one that is meant to serve you, as a soul.

Zen meditation, if you are not used to it, can be extremely difficult at first as your ego tries to struggle for dominance.

Let it go.

If meditation feels hard, consider adding transition time of a specific length where you sit quietly, allowing any ideas that pop into your head (like when you shower) to be written down by hand—or if you must use your phone, the ideas or to-dos should be recorded by voice, reducing your tendency to look at a screen.

Once you definite and unchangeable transition time is has passed, your meditation time is sacred. Nothing should interrupt it save medical emergencies.

Consistency is the Key

Maintain your practice every single day, without exception. Your ego may offer excuses like “It’s Sunday!” “I’ve worked hard and deserve a break!” “This is no fun!”

See these with levity. Love your ego for wanting to keep you comfortable… and realize that you choose, in every moment, how to shape your training.

Meditation is much easier in groups, and much easier in routine. If you live a modern lifestyle, you might find your most successful meditations occur in the morning, before you check your phone.

If you use your phone for music, consider having it on airplane mode as you sleep—or ideally, use a different device for music, one without messaging or news apps (or at least with those apps hidden and all notifications turned off) so as to serve as a “protective fence” around the playground of temptation.

Choose to listen to something simple and downloaded, and meditate at least twice a day to shift you into the habit as a first responder to stress. Over time, this will shift you away from comfortable procrastinations like food, unmindful use of social networks, and psychoactive substances you don’t really need.


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